Uncovering the Democrats’ Devious Plot to Assassinate President Trump


The political world is abuzz with shocking allegations from Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. In an explosive interview, she claimed that the Democrats have a sinister plan to have President Trump murdered while he is in jail. As a staunch conservative, I was appalled and deeply concerned by these grave accusations. In this article, we will dive into the details of Greene's claims and examine them from a conservative point of view.

First and foremost, let's address the elephant in the room – the controversial source of these allegations. We cannot simply ignore Greene's claims because they come from a source that may not align with our views. Instead, we must analyze the evidence presented and make our own conclusions.

According to Greene, the Democrats are determined to silence President Trump and his supporters at any cost. She alleges that they are planning to have him jailed and then murdered, in order to eliminate him as a political threat.

As a conservative, I am well aware of the Democrats' blatant hatred for President Trump and their constant attempts to undermine his presidency. Therefore, it is not far-fetched to believe that they would go to extreme measures to remove him from the political arena.

Moreover, Greene points to the Democrats' repeated calls for Trump's impeachment and the recent impeachment trial as evidence of their desperation to get rid of him. She also highlights the Democrats' history of dirty tactics and their close ties to the media as potential avenues for carrying out their alleged plan. As a conservative, I cannot deny the Democrats' relentless attacks on President Trump and their constant vilification of him in the media. This makes Greene's accusations all the more plausible.

Furthermore, Greene's claims have been met with vehement denial and condemnation from the Democrats. However, as conservatives, we know that the Democrats are masters of deception and manipulation. They have a history of covering up their true intentions and using diversion tactics to mislead the public. So, it is not surprising that they would deny these allegations and attempt to discredit Greene.

As a conservative, I am deeply concerned about the safety and well-being of President Trump. These allegations, if true, pose a grave threat not only to him but to our democracy as a whole. If the Democrats are willing to go to such extreme lengths to silence their political opponents, what other tactics are they capable of using? As conservatives, we must stand up against any attempts to suppress our voices and undermine our democracy.

In conclusion, Marjorie Taylor Greene's accusations against the Democrats may seem outrageous to some, but as conservatives, we must take them seriously and analyze them objectively. It is our duty to uncover the truth and expose any attempts to undermine our democracy. While we cannot confirm the validity of these allegations, we must remain vigilant and continue to fight for the values and principles that we hold dear. The fate of our country and our democracy may depend on it.

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  1. It is certainly possible that Biden and the dems might plan to kill him in jail! They always appear to be willing to do or say anthing to win and keep trump and the Republicans out of office to maintain the power over America and America! They do not care about what true Americans want only what they want = stay in POWER!!!!!

  2. I believe the Democrats with go to the extreme and have Trump killed if he is put in jail… I mean cameras off like in the case of Epstein.. They are willing to go that far. Ask The Clintons

  3. I have been thinking about this for quite some time. I just hope his security team are good people and will not sell their souls for a buck

  4. I, too, do not doubt the claims made by Marjorie Taylor Greene. The Liberal Lefties have always had it for Trump once he made known he was running for presidency the first time around. He represents the American People while they do not. He isn’t in being POTUS for the power play that Liberals crave; he’s into being our president to fight for all Americans, Liberal and Conservative because he loves this country and the freedoms our Constitution/Amendments guarantee. Those Lefties are anti-law in every sense of the word and therefore they hate Trump and every Conservative Christian Republican that’s out there.

  5. Wow! I have been very concerned about what MTG said would happen. I have not been very open to that situation for obvious reasons. And I have been fearful of that since we got a new President. It is my hope and prayer that it does not happen. I do not have direct contact with Mr. Trump; I can only pray that he is very watchful. This world is set for some very, very different situations. We need to keep looking to the East.

  6. I think our whole alphabet agencies are corrupt to the core. That would be the FBI, the CIA, the FDA, DOJ, DOD and all the other rotten agencies.

    If they were to kill Trump, there would be an explosion so large that they could not control it!

    In my opinion, God gave us Trump to overcome the wickedness and corruption of our elected officials.

  7. These radical Democrats have already killed so many people the Clinton’s have a long list of people they have killed including Epstein but they have so many crooked people in the justice department they get away with it it’s got to stop beginning with stoping this bullshit which Hunt against Trump it’s a crying shame this country has fallen down from what it used to be

  8. The DNC definitely has violence against Trump in their plans. They have the same agenda for anyone who dares to oppose them. They are no longer interested in the Constitution, our values or our laws. They are the Communist Party now. They endorsed BLM and Antifa. They fund their criminal buddies and have done everything they can to destroy America.

  9. Considering Democrats solve their problems with violence and lies, it is not surprising. Consider the history of attempts on the lives of six Republican presidents, with three assassinated as opposed to two Democrat presidents, with one of them assassinated.

  10. First of all, stop referring to Trump as the president. He, unfortunately, was the president from 2016 to 2020, by hook and crook. Second, if he ends up in jail, which is where he belongs, then there is a strong possibility that he might get killed, but not by a Democrat, but by one of his supporters that finally saw the light and was getting screwed and taken by Trump and his lies. Trump will deserve everything that is coming to him, especially prison.

    • So you’re saying Trump, a former president, deserves everything he gets if he’s jailed. Including being killed. You really think he deserves a death sentence?

  11. As preposterous as it may seem, after what other atrocities the Dems have pulled off, I would not discount the possibility.
    The entire Rusian Hoax, the 2 phony impeachment, the totally bogus indictments – and he is not only still here, but stronger.

  12. It’s frightening to imagine the extremes the Democrats have already inflicted on President Trump!
    So it’s not far fetched to see they would attempt to murder him‼️
    I pray that he is protected by his own people but also that God will keep him safe!
    If Biden’s regime keeps up the evil ways and destruction of our country we are all doomed as a Republic!
    God Bless America🙏🏻

  13. This seems to come from the Soviet playbook. Bennie from Mississippi does not realize that Donald Trump is the only person that can resurrect the USA. Bennie failed miserably with the Jan 6 th committee. The Dems keep him as a point man so they can have some deniability. Bennie is just to stupid to realize that he is the pigeon.

  14. I would not put it past them. They want him out of the picture and without his secret service people, they would kill him.

  15. The valley of their depravity is very deep. For the cool aide drinkers, driven by self-righteous superiority, nothing is beyond their capacity for dishonesty and malignity.
    I’m sure they’re thinking how much could be accomplished by that one outlandish act. Could they be hoping that some farrrrr left bomb thrower will do it for his 15 minutes of fame! The frustration and cortisol build up however, could bring them to conspire for a more formal method.
    God help us if MTG is right! It would be a very bright spark.
    Enough to create an explosion!

  16. I’ve be concerned about this for a long time. The attempt to pull President Trump’s secret service is certainly an indication of their intent. These individuals are without
    morals, integrity or decency.

  17. Green comments is not too far fetch they assassinated Kennedy. They had jailed people around Trump but yet doesn’t jail anybody around Biden crying family they’re trying to take away his security. They’re bringing in terrorist crime, boss armies, federal and sickness and don’t even know who they are what else can I do wrong? Oh, maybe start World War III and they’re on the biggest spending spree of this country is ever seen high inflation high interest rates oh yes, they could kill Trump dirt as hell because they’re doing election interference. I wouldn’t put nothing past Democrats. They left us and they’ll leave us suffering the rest of the century stop stop them

  18. May God have mercy upon the USA, Israel and Canada. My heart aches for these Nations and their once upon a time honorable traits. Lie’s and finger pointing seem to rule the day as media tends to be a useful tool for the power’s that be use to advance their shameful agendas.
    Personally, in my lifetime I have experienced multiple President’s, Prime Minister’s plus the recently departed Queen Elizabeth’s many years reign.
    Not one of these dignitaries over these many years of my lifespan have imprinted upon my heart or spirit like this man of destiny by the name of President Donald J. Trump
    He has been a matter of daily prayer as God has encouraged me to cover him with prayer on a daily basis. I believe his years in the Office of Presidency were second to none!
    People Wake Up! He was and is God’s man for this hour.


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