About Us

Welcome to The Conservative Brief, where the pulse of American conservatism beats strong. Our journey began with a vision to create a bastion for conservative thought and a platform that champions the values of individual freedom, limited government, and fiscal responsibility. Founded by individuals who believe in the sanctity of the rule of law and the importance of human dignity, we have been steadfast in our commitment to delivering news and commentary that resonate with the heart of conservative America.

Our history is rooted in the tradition of conservative media that has long provided a counterbalance to mainstream narratives. We understand the importance of providing a voice to those who feel unheard by other media platforms. Our content reflects the core principles that have guided conservative thought through the ages, as outlined by the likes of The Washington Times and the early right-wing newsweekly Human Events.

Each day, our newsletter arrives in your inbox as a beacon of conservative insight. It’s more than just a summary of events; it’s a daily dose of analysis and perspective shaped by the seven core principles of conservatism. Expect to find stories that uphold individual liberties, advocate for peace through strength, and celebrate the free market system. Our newsletter is designed to empower you with information that upholds the dignity of the individual and the strength of our nation.

Our Commitment

At The Conservative Brief, we are more than just a news source; we are a community. We believe in the power of civil society and the importance of “little platoons” that Edmund Burke spoke of—families, local communities, and regions that form the fabric of our society. Our reporting is infused with respect for these foundational units, recognizing their role in shaping a prosperous and morally grounded nation.

We also recognize the dynamic nature of conservatism and the media landscape. As online journalism evolves, so do we, adapting to new challenges while maintaining our commitment to the conservative cause. Our team comprises dedicated journalists and commentators who navigate the complexities of today’s political climate with an unwavering dedication to conservative news values. We strive to be the voice of reason in an often polarized media environment, offering thoughtful critique and constructive dialogue.

By choosing The Conservative Brief, you’re aligning with a news brand that not only understands the conservative worldview but lives and breathes it. We’re here to ensure that the conservative message is heard loud and clear, and that the principles we hold dear continue to shape the future of our great nation.

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