Legal Battle Intensifies as Tara Reade Seeks Justice


In a recent escalation of her ongoing struggle for justice, Tara Reade has taken a bold step by filing a tort claim against the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Reade, who previously accused former Senator Joseph Biden of sexual abuse in 1993, alleges that the FBI’s ‘Operation Cassandra’ was an orchestrated campaign to intimidate and discredit her.

The legal action, initiated by Reade through her attorney Dr. Jonathan Levy, seeks $10 million in damages. The claim outlines serious accusations of invasion of privacy, emotional distress, and violations of state and federal constitutional rights. This move underscores the gravity of Reade’s allegations and her determination to seek accountability from powerful government entities.

Reade’s ordeal began when she first reported the alleged sexual abuse by then-Senator Biden. Her case was reportedly suppressed by Congressional investigators, a move that protected Biden and resulted in the sealing of records. However, when Reade courageously chose to speak out again in 2019, she claims to have become the target of a vindictive FBI operation aimed at silencing her.

The complaint details how ‘Operation Cassandra’ was allegedly launched not only to retaliate against Reade but also to potentially eliminate her as a perceived threat to President Biden. This chilling narrative, if proven true, suggests a misuse of federal law enforcement resources to protect political figures at the expense of justice for victims of abuse.

Despite Reade’s request last month for the Department of Justice to investigate the FBI’s violations of her civil rights and to expunge her file, there has been no response. The lack of action from the DOJ and the refusal of the FBI to release Reade’s file adds another layer of concern regarding transparency and due process within these agencies.

The amount of damages being sought is justified, according to Dr. Levy, especially in light of recent high-profile cases where substantial judgments were awarded for speech-related offenses. He argues that if public figures like Rudy Giuliani and former President Donald Trump can be held financially accountable for their words, then the FBI should also face consequences for its actions against Reade.

Dr. Levy’s statement raises important questions about the integrity of the United States’ justice system. He contends that failing to hold the FBI accountable would signify a two-tiered justice system where political oppression and suppression are tolerated. This case could set a precedent for how victims of abuse, who challenge powerful political figures, are treated by the legal system.

As this legal battle unfolds, it will be closely watched by many who believe in the principles of justice and equality before the law. Tara Reade’s pursuit of damages from the FBI is not just about her personal vindication but also about ensuring that no individual, regardless of their status, is above the law.