Harris’ Impact on Biden’s 2024 Chances Under Scrutiny


As President Joe Biden gears up for his 2024 re-election campaign, questions loom large over the impact of Vice President Kamala Harris on his prospects. Concerns are mounting within the Democratic Party regarding Harris' influence and public perception as Biden’s running mate.

Critics argue that Harris has not established herself as a strong vice president, with low approval ratings and frequent public missteps that undermine her credibility. Some pundits, like those at The Week, have labeled her as "one of the least consequential vice presidents in modern history," pointing to her incoherent responses and inappropriate laughter during serious discussions. This reputation could be detrimental in a high-stakes election.

However, replacing Harris could ignite a political firestorm, with accusations of gender and ethnic bias potentially dividing the Democratic base. Despite these risks, some believe that a change might be necessary to bolster Biden's chances. The concern is that Harris' perceived weaknesses might be more damaging than the controversy of replacing her.

Historically, attacks on vice presidential candidates have not significantly swayed elections. Yet, the unique dynamics of this election, with Biden’s age being a constant point of contention, might make Harris a more significant factor. Politico reports that Republicans are likely to continue targeting Harris, framing her as a weaker alternative to Biden. This strategy hinges on the notion that Biden, at 81, might not complete a second term, thereby elevating Harris to the presidency.

Within the Democratic ranks, there is palpable anxiety. Major donors and party leaders have expressed concerns about the current trajectory of the Biden-Harris ticket. Fundraising efforts, although substantial, have not quelled these fears. Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey has urged supporters to rally behind the ticket with greater urgency, emphasizing the critical stakes of the upcoming election.

Supporters of Harris argue that her tenure has been more productive than critics acknowledge. She has played a key role in international diplomacy, addressing migration issues, and pushing for significant domestic policies like voting rights and child tax credits. Her defenders assert that Harris’ role has been undervalued and that she possesses the necessary qualities to step up if needed.

Despite these efforts, Biden’s campaign faces an uphill battle. A significant portion of the Democratic base remains unconvinced of Harris’ ability to lead, should the need arise. Political strategists within the party are divided on the best course of action, with some advocating for a more robust defense of Harris' record and capabilities.

As the 2024 election approaches, the Biden campaign must navigate these internal conflicts while fending off Republican attacks. The outcome may hinge on their ability to present a united front and effectively communicate the strengths of their leadership team to the American public. The question remains whether Harris will be a liability or an asset in the fight to retain the White House.


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