Hamas Leader Sinwar Holds Firm on Permanent Ceasefire Amid Hostage Talks


In the ongoing negotiations between Israel and Hamas, Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar has taken a steadfast position, insisting that any truce must include a permanent ceasefire. The discussions, mediated by Egypt, Qatar, and the United States, aim to address both the release of hostages and a ceasefire agreement.

Sinwar, who has been a key figure in Hamas's Gaza leadership, reiterated his stance that Hamas would not agree to any temporary truce or partial measures. He demands a complete end to Israel's military operations in Gaza as a condition for the release of hostages​.

The backdrop to these negotiations includes a series of recent escalations. Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have intensified their military operations in Gaza, targeting Hamas infrastructure and combatants. Over the past weekend, IDF airstrikes and ground raids resulted in the deaths of 40 Hamas operatives and the capture of 85 terror suspects​.

Despite these military actions, Hamas has rejected the latest Israeli proposal, which involved a phased approach to ceasefire and hostage release. This proposal, backed by the Biden administration, aimed to first exchange hostages for a temporary ceasefire, followed by discussions on a permanent truce and Gaza's reconstruction​.

Sinwar's rigid stance has caused friction not only with Israeli negotiators but also within Hamas's leadership. Ismail Haniyeh, head of Hamas's political bureau, indicated a more flexible approach, willing to engage seriously with any proposal that promises a permanent ceasefire​ ​.

The international community remains deeply involved, with Qatar recently warning Hamas of possible expulsion of its leaders if they fail to agree to a ceasefire deal. However, Hamas leaders have dismissed this threat, stating that such actions would only solidify their resolve​.

As negotiations continue, the humanitarian situation in Gaza deteriorates. The conflict has displaced nearly 1.9 million Palestinians, with many risking their lives to return to their homes despite Israeli warnings​.

The diplomatic efforts show no signs of abating, with Egypt reporting 'positive signals' from Hamas regarding a potential ceasefire. However, the real challenge lies in reconciling the divergent demands of both parties to achieve a lasting peace​.


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