Conservative YouTuber Mark Dice Pranks Live Coverage of Morgan State University Shooting

Fox News found itself at the receiving end of a prank during its live coverage of a mass shooting incident. The incident occurred at the historically black Morgan State University in Baltimore, where multiple people were injured.

The prankster was none other than conservative YouTuber Mark Dice, who managed to troll the network in real-time, leaving anchor Trace Gallagher utterly flabbergasted.

The incident unfolded on October 4th, 2023, when Fox News was reporting on the tragic shooting that left five people injured at Morgan State University. Amidst the serious coverage, a caller claiming to be on the scene managed to get through to the live broadcast.

The caller introduced himself as “Tyrone,” supposedly a student at the university and a witness to the crime.

However, as the conversation progressed, it became clear “Tyrone” was not who he claimed to be. Instead of providing details about the shooting, he began discussing how he and his friends gather every Tuesday night to watch Tucker Carlson’s show on X.

He pointed out they used to watch Carlson on Fox News, but since he left the network, they had switched platforms.

“Tyrone” went on to praise Carlson, stating that he was doing far better without Fox News. He also took a jab at the corporate media, implying they control what their teleprompter readers are allowed to say.

This unexpected commentary left the Fox News team, including anchor Trace Gallagher, completely taken aback.

The twist came when it was revealed that “Tyrone” was actually Mark Dice, a conservative commentator and a fan of Tucker Carlson. Dice is known for his YouTube channel where he shares his conservative views. His prank on Fox News was quickly picked up by social media users, leading to a flurry of reactions.

This incident was not just a prank but also a critique of mainstream media. Dice’s comments about Tucker Carlson and the corporate media control were a clear jab at Fox News and other mainstream media outlets.

His prank served as a reminder of the growing distrust and criticism of mainstream media among certain sections of the public.

While the tragic shooting at Morgan State University was undoubtedly a serious matter, the unexpected prank by Mark Dice provided an unusual twist to the live coverage.

It left Fox News red-faced and gave viewers and social media users something to talk about amidst the grim news. In today’s digital age, live broadcasts can be unpredictable and even major news networks are not immune to pranks and trolls.