Biden’s $6 Billion Deal with Iran Fuels Historic Terror Attack

President Joe Biden has been implicated in a controversial deal with the Iranian regime. On the 22nd anniversary of the 9-11 attacks on America, Biden finalized an agreement to transfer $6 billion to the Iranian government.

This transaction was made in exchange for the release of five US dual nationals detained by the regime, known for its brutal tactics and sponsorship of terrorism.

Iran, notorious as one of the top state sponsors of terrorism for several years, received this substantial financial boost from the Biden administration.

The administration issued a waiver allowing US banks to transfer the frozen Iranian oil funds without fear of U.S. sanctions. This move was a crucial step in securing the release of the American citizens held captive in Iran.

However, the implications of this deal were far-reaching and devastating. Three weeks prior to the deal, it was predicted that Iran would utilize these funds to bolster their military and regional ambitions. Unfortunately, this prediction proved accurate.

In a horrific surprise attack on the Sabbath, Iran’s Islamist proxy Hamas launched over 5,000 missiles into Israel. Hamas fighters infiltrated the country, resulting in the massacre of 700 Jews and 260 young adults at a dance party.

This brutal assault marked the largest mass slaughter of innocent Jews since the Holocaust. The Wall Street Journal reported the Iranian regime had been collaborating with Hamas since August to orchestrate this historic terror attack.

While Biden was negotiating the $6 billion deal, the Iranian officials were simultaneously planning this deadly assault with Hamas. This revelation raises serious questions about the timing and implications of Biden’s deal with Iran.

According to The Jerusalem Post, the attacks on Israel were meticulously planned weeks in advance with assistance from Iranian security officials.

Officers of Iran‚Äôs Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps worked closely with Hamas to plan incursions from the ‚Äúair, land, and sea.‚ÄĚ Iran‚Äôs supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, even praised the attacks, further highlighting Iran’s involvement.

The aftermath of these attacks was devastating.

At least 700 Israelis were killed and around 2,300 injured since Saturday morning, with the death toll expected to rise. This tragic event underscores the potential consequences of negotiating with regimes known for their sponsorship of terrorism.