Younger Democrats Are Openly Calling For Biden to Step Aside

There’s a major gap between what Joe Biden says is happening vs. what’s actually going on. Right now, Biden and his White House are in the middle of trying to reinvent what a recession is.

The Biden administration also continues to downplay a series of polls that aren’t looking too good for him. It is the president’s view that his party wants him to run and would ultimately back him in the 2024 election.

Yet, Democrats continue to say something very different. With Biden’s tanking approval ratings and his failure to deliver policy wins for his base, Democrats are looking for an alternative nominee in 2024.

This week, a younger Democrat joined the chorus calling for Biden to step aside, per Washington Examiner.

The Latest Case For Biden to Sit Out 2024

Joe Cunningham is a Democrat running to be the next governor of South Carolina. Though in a recent interview with Washington Post, he joined the growing crowd saying that Biden has no business running for president again.

After pointing out that Biden will be 82 shortly after November 2024, Cunningham even went a step further. He openly rejected the view that out of all the candidates to run for president in 2024, Biden and former President Trump are the best options.

According to Cunningham, the most promising step forward in 2024 is for a variety of Democrats to run for the nomination and ultimately show the country what they have to offer.

Progressive Democrats and others who are tired of Biden have echoed similar statements as Cunningham.

More on Biden and 2024

Recent polling has shown that now three in four Democrats are opposed to Biden being the party’s nominee during the 2024 presidential election. This once again solidifies the reality that the president’s leadership isn’t doing him very many favors.

After the midterms, Americans can expect to start hearing a lot more talk about possible candidates to challenge Biden in 2024.

Already, California Governor Gavin Newsom looks to be readying himself for a presidential run. Newsom’s consistently gone after GOP governors and started running ads in red states.

A Democratic sales pitch against Biden would likely echo Cunningham’s calls for new blood that can lead the party to victory and success. With growing momentum against Biden from within, it remains to be seen whether or not he really follows through on his vow to seek re-election.

To this very day, many Democrats are hoping the president takes the hint, sits out 2024, and gracefully rides off into the sunset.

What do you think about South Carolina Democrat Joe Cunningham’s latest statements on Joe Biden? Do you think the president will ultimately take the hint from his own party and sit out the 2024 election? Be sure to let us know in the comments area.