You Will Never Believe What Caravan Riders Are Doing While Waiting To Receive Asylum

The migrants which comprised the Central American caravan months ago are finally coming to realize something: President Donald Trump is not relenting on his stance of immigration. Therefore, the likelihood of said migrants obtaining asylum in the United States is virtually zero.
This reality has prompted migrants to improvise. Although they maintain their wishes to make it into the United States, securing asylum in Tijuana, Mexico is the next best option which migrants are settling for.

The Possibility of Asylum in Mexico

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the president of Mexico,  is seeing through his established Estas en Tu Casa plan. This plan would grant asylum to Central American migrants; it would also serve as the initial step towards finding employment for adults and providing schooling for children.
In order to successfully obtain asylum in Mexico, migrants must reside in the southern states of Oaxaca and Chiapas. Migrants who do not meet these guidelines can face deportations.
The investment of $30 billion dollars in Central American countries is a critical aspect of the plan. Some people may be surprised to learn that China is actually a partner of Mexico in this plan.
Initially, many migrants rejected Obrador’s offer; however, according to the New York Times, migrants have apparently changed their tune. Rodolfo Figueroa, a National Immigration Institute official, informed the Times of the multiple approvals of various “humanitarian visas.” A total of 2,200 visas were granted approvals over the past month. Conversely, 1,300 migrants either faced deportations or willingly returned to their homelands.

More on the Fate of Central American Migrants

Since Mexico’s provision of work visas and asylum for migrants, the El Barretal shelter residents have significantly dropped. During its busiest times, the shelter housed roughly 3,000 people; that number now rests at 1,000. Some migrants managed to find lodging accommodations, while, others returned went back home or decided to trek to the United States.
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