Wyoming Democrat in Hot Water For Inciting Violence

Calls for violence in US politics have seen a troubling increase in recent years. Just in 2022, a poll revealed that a growing number of people see political violence as acceptable if it achieves outcomes they deem to be favorable.

Then, there are groups like Antifa that haven’t hesitated to physically attack those with whom they differ or dislike. Unfortunately, there’s no sign of the temperature in this country being turned down anytime soon.

In fact, it appears as though violence is rising and becoming more frequent. Now, one Wyoming Democratic lawmaker is under fire for inciting attacks against individuals who she deems as “transphobic,” according to Breitbart News.

What Happened?

Rep. Karlee Provenza took to social media, posting a meme that calls for transgender persons to be shielded from fascists and “transphobes.” Accompanying the call was a photo of a senior woman carrying a rifle, leaving no uncertainties about what Provenza was advocating for.

This meme was put out by the Democratic Minority Whip in Wyoming barely weeks after a mass shooting took the lives of six Christians in Nashville. The perpetrator of the shooting was a transgender person who appeared to have spent months planning this attack.

Provenza’s incendiary post also comes after the now-former press secretary of Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs resigned after publishing similar content regarding so-called transphobes.

Public Backlash Ensues

So far, Provenza has not stepped down from her position in the Wyoming state legislature. However, she is taking heat from Americans who feel that advocating violence against the opposing side is problematic.

The Democratic lawmaker’s post also arrives near the time that trans activists have started storming various state Capitols to oppose bills they disagree with.

States like Tennessee and Kentucky have been notably targeted for passing laws that bar minors from undergoing permanent procedures that pertain to gender reassignment.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.