World War II Veteran Receives Historic Honors

Veterans and active servicemembers continue to do so much for the United States. It is because of their sacrifice that America remains a free country and not under the rule of authoritarian regimes.

Unfortunately, there are still very high rates of veterans being homeless or succumbing to suicide after they’ve fought and bled for their country. Over the years, this has drawn attention to the need for Veterans Affairs reforms and more.

Though in one touching story, a servicemember from World War II just received some very high honors, according to Breitbart News.

Recognizing Lt. Col. Lester McCants

Lt. Col. Lester McCants is not only a veteran who served America during World War II, but he was also one of the original 100 US Tuskegee Airmen. Throughout his service to America, McCants flew on countless abroad missions.

The honors for him and other servicemembers took place at Nevada’s Prestige Assisted Living at Mira Loma late last month. This is when McCants received a certificate acknowledging his hard work, in addition to gratitude from everyone who was present at the event.

McCants later told the media that he was thankful for the accolades, feeling the ceremony in Nevada was nothing short of exceptional.

A Moment to Remember

The tribute paid to McCants and his decades of service to America is a reminder of all that veterans have put on the line to keep this country from succumbing to tyranny.

It’s also a reminder that when veterans come back from serving their country, they should have the necessary support to reintegrate into civilian society, without feeling lost or abandoned.

On social media, Prestige Assisted Living at Mira Loma received a lot of support for holding an event that honored the service of McCants and other servicemembers just like him.

This is a heartwarming story that serves to remind everyone about the best of America.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.