World Health Organization Changes Tune on Shutdowns

"World Health Organization Headquarters a" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by US Mission Geneva

The American people have repeatedly vocalized concerns with lockdowns.
Earlier this year, most communities across the nation went into shutdown mode in the name of stopping the almighty coronavirus or rather… “flattening the curve.”

These shutdowns resulted in domestic violence surges, loss of employment, a rise in mental health issues, etc. Many Americans warned against coming up with a cure that is worse than the disease, yet to this day, there are still areas (mostly controlled by Democrats) that are, for the most part, locked down.
For quite some time, the World Health Organization (WHO) championed lockdowns as a necessary evil; however, according to Townhall, the group has now changed their tune on the nature of shutdowns and their subsequent impacts on societies.

The Reality About Lockdowns

This month, WHO’s coronavirus special envoy Dr. David Nabarro stated that the organization no longer sees shutdowns as a “primary means” of controlling coronavirus. The special envoy then went on to confirm many of the concerns that Republicans and the president have talked about for multiple months.
Nabarro admitted that consistent and ongoing lockdowns make struggling individuals “an awful lot poorer” in society. The doctor then informed that “by and large,” the WHO would “rather not” have nations repeatedly enter into lockdown mode.

As a result of lockdowns that have happened this year, there are some dire consequences which still haven’t fully played out yet. Even more job loss is expected; moreover, the WHO estimates that the world poverty rate may actually double in 2021.

Silence from the Other Side

During the time when the WHO and others pushed for lockdowns, many Democrats and left-wing activists were all for forcing businesses to close and locking down the economy. However, since the statement from Nabarro, numerous folks on the left have maintained silence. There’s no telling when or if prominent figures on the left will weigh in on new remarks from the WHO.

Conservatives, on the other hand, are not surprised. Folks on the right repeatedly cautioned against what the WHO now predicts will follow as a result of lockdowns. Nonetheless, while Republican leaders continue to open up their communities, Democrats are keeping their communities closed for indefinite time periods.
What do you think about the World Health Organization’s shift in attitude towards lockdowns? Will this make a significant difference to left-wing Democrats? We want to know what you think down below in the comments section.