Women’s Rights Swim Champ Under Attack From Trans Extremists

Riley Gaines is a 22-year-old champion swimmer who’s standing up for women. Gaines has become a prominent activist for standing up to LGBT extremism and the transgender ideology.

Gaines wants women to have female spaces, such as sports, that are just for them. She is not comfortable with biological men playing women’s sports.

This brought her under extreme attack from the left, including recently at San Francisco State University (UCSF), where she was held hostage by trans terrorists.

Trans Terrorists Trap Gaines

Gaines was held against her will in a room for three hours following remarks at UCSF.

Trans domestic terrorists refused to grant her safe passage out after her speech, forcing her to stay in a room and threatening her repeatedly with harm while viciously insulting her faith, looks, and gender.

Around 100 violent fanatics screamed, hit, and mocked Gaines as she repeatedly asked to be able to leave campus.

Transgender celebrity Caitlyn Jenner has come to Gaines’ defense, saying that those who abused her are “trans terrorists” and domestic extremists.

UCSF Responds

Gaines is suing UCSF for allowing her to be accosted and harmed in this way. Responding to the horrific mistreatment and illegal detainment of Gaines by college extremists, UCSF ignored the issue completely.

In fact, they said they are very proud of the “peaceful” protesting that students did to make their voices heard on issues.

What peaceful protesting, exactly? Threatening to harm someone, forcing her to remain in a place for three hours for her own physical safety and bargain her way out is not “peaceful.”

Being attacked, pushed, and hit by lunatic extremist trans individuals is not “peaceful.” It’s terrorism. It’s called hostage-taking.

Coming in the wake of the Nashville shooting, it’s even more disturbing to see trans extremists threatening to harm Christians like Gaines.

The Bottom Line

As Jenner has admitted, Biden wants to “erase women” out of women’s sports.

Gaines just wants to stand up for women; she’s a regular and great American young woman. This madness needs to stop and her lawsuit against UCSF deserves all the success possible.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.