Woman Claims She’s a 15-Year Old Boy, Arrested For Unlawful Harboring of Minors

A 35-year-old Washington woman was accused of “unlawful harboring of minors” after allegedly telling police that she identifies as a boy who is fifteen years old.

From Harboring Minors To Moving Drugs

Amanda Dorrough was charged with illegal harboring of children after the vice president of Port Angeles High School notified the police.

The vice president reported two students had come up to him and told him that Dorrough intended to run away with a group of teenagers.

Additionally, the vice principal informed authorities that Dorrough hung out with eight students at a nearby gully.

The ‘unlawful harboring of minors’ charge against Dorrough was subsequently dropped and changed to one count of trafficking of a controlled substance.

The Post Millenial reported Dorrough was detained on May 4, drug charges were filed the following day, and she was released on bail on May 14.

She was insistent that she was 15 years old and previously admitted to a police officer that she was a male. In the weeks preceding her arrest, police received eleven reports that she had acted improperly toward juveniles.

An Enabling Environment

A student who hung out with Dorrough informed officials that she behaved “kind of weird” and “pedophile-like” toward him.

He recounted that she told him she liked him, but when he failed to reciprocate her feelings, she nearly committed suicide. Manipulative and inappropriate!

Dorrough was booked at the Clallam County jail. This person was also made to give fingerprints to law enforcement and later released on $5,000 bail.

Many reports have shown the liberal-controlled state of California enables both men and women to choose the penitentiary where they serve their time, so long as it corresponds with their gender identity.

It won’t be long before radical Democrats legalize the placement of adults who identify as teenagers in juvenile detention centers.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.