Woke Media is Still Mad at Tucker Carlson Even After He Left!

After a parting that is surely going to leave a mark on Fox News’ reputation, the woke mob decided Tucker Carlson hasn’t had enough. This time, he’s being attacked over a text message, no less.

It remains unclear who leaked the text messages, as it could’ve been either Fox News or Dominion Voting Systems. It revealed Carlson’s had a change of heart regarding an attack on an Antifa member orchestrated by three Trump supporters.

Tucker is never free from criticism

It’s almost as if Carlson, as a news host, was prevented from being sensible and accepting that the kid who was attacked is probably loved and cared for by someone.

Unfortunately, that’s the sad reality we live in; they want you to be outraged at a man’s honest emotions.

The messages were published in an article from the New York Times earlier this week. The paper even claims the content of the messages contributed to Tucker’s firing from the Fox network.

In the message, he described what he felt as he watched a video of several Trump supporters ganging up on a lone Antifa protester, which he believed to be dishonorable at the very least.

Tucker then goes on to reveal he was shocked that he found himself rooting for the group of men rather than the underdog.

He knew that such behavior can’t be healthy for him. He tried to accept that even though the protester likely had it coming, they also have a mother and a father who love them just like anyone else does.

Cancel culture, the internet’s cesspool of woke idiots

However, the focus of the fake news corp was on a single statement from the entire message, that being his claiming that three-on-one isn’t how white men fight.

The moment you even mention race in this day and age, you’re chastised. Tucker felt this numerous times. Twitter tried to cancel him time and time again, but as it turns out, not giving them a second of your time seems to do the trick.

At the end of the day, this isn’t anything new. News corporations have been after Tucker’s head for a while now, mainly due to him being one of the few TV hosts to never stray far from the truth.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.