Wisconsin Sheriff Refusing to Uphold Gov. Evers' Safer-at-Home Order

Growing defiance against stay home orders continues to increase across the country. Put simply, Americans from all backgrounds and at all levels are tired of Democrats playing political games with people’s lives and livelihoods.

The curve has flattened, despite Democrat governors continuing to extend shutdowns. When safer-at-home mandates first began, their proponents sold them as necessary measures to avoid overwhelming hospitals. Even with a flattened curve and under-control hospitals, left-wing tyrants insist upon keeping Americans confined to their homes and away from their jobs.
Because of this, an increasing amount of sheriffs across the nation are refusing to enforce governors’ orders to stay home. The latest sheriff to join this group is Wisconsin’s Chris Fitzgerald, according to Fox News.

Analyzing Sheriff Fitzgerald’s Refusal to Uphold Gov. Evers’ Safer-at-Home Directive

On Tuesday, the Barron County sheriff confirmed his decision to refrain from the enforcement of Evers’ Executive Order. Sheriff Fitzgerald furthermore explained that the Wisconsin governor’s mandate lacks “clarification and direction,” even going as far as to call it a “moving target.”

Fitzgerald, in another part of his statement, also emphasized that Gov. Evers’ safer-at-home order is simply “frustrating and difficult” to uphold, especially with it being more than two months old. Similarly to many other blue states, protests have broken out in Wisconsin, along with growing social unrest and disapproval of the governor’s actions.
The Barron County sheriff is not alone in his refusal to uphold the stay home order. Sheriffs in Michigan, California, and other blue states gripped by tyranny are also pushing back by refusing to execute flagrantly unconstitutional orders.
What do you think about Sheriff Fitzgerald’s refusal to uphold Gov. Evers’ safer-at-home directive? When do you think the Wisconsin governor will get the hint? Let us know down below in the comments section.

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