Why is the Nashville Trans Shooter’s Manifesto Not Being Released?

On March 27, 2023, transgender individual Audrey Hale entered Covenant Christian School in Nashville and killed three kids and three adults. Hale was killed at the scene of the crime, dead at 28.

America was shocked and horrified. Important questions came up about mental illness and transgender extremism. Investigators noted that Hale left a lengthy manifesto, but it still hasn’t been released.

We know from some reports that her motivations appeared at least partly to stem from a desire for revenge against her family and community that hadn’t accepted her transgender identity.

Why isn’t the full manifesto being released?

‘Astronomically Dangerous’

In other mass shootings, like the Buffalo killings or the New Zealand massacre, the manifestos came out rapidly after.

Even the Unabomber had his manifesto on why modern society needs to be destroyed published in national newspapers.

Yet, the FBI isn’t allowing Hale’s manifesto out, with local political leaders in Nashville saying it’s because the manifesto is “astronomically dangerous.”

According to them, the manifesto gets into how to systematically destroy everything and thus would, presumably, have too much of a danger of copycat killers or inciting more violence.

Are you buying that?

Past killers like white supremacists, Nazis, cult leaders, angry anarchists, and all manner of extremists have had their manifestos published and looked at closely in the media.

Yet this deranged killer is just too dangerous?

We Can All See Where This Is Going

The Biden-Harris regime is obsessed with promoting transgender ideology. They aren’t releasing the manifesto in order to try to shield trans people from scrutiny and to hope the subject dies down.

State Representative Tim Burchett in Tennessee spoke for many of us when he said the FBI should be at least released to family members who lost someone and Congress.

He says the manifesto would solve “many questions” about what Hale was thinking and feeling in her lead-up to the savage massacre.

The Bottom Line

This isn’t just speculation, either: twenty-five notebooks, five laptop computers, a long suicide note, and various pages of notes were taken from Hale’s home, along with seven cell phones.

Can you imagine how much data is on all these devices?

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.