Why All Americans Should be Grateful This Thanksgiving


2021 has been an eventful year. Many Americans have watched life change, in some ways for the good, in other ways for the bad. Although life is somewhat different from what it looked like one year ago, these are still interesting times with much that lies ahead.

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It is not an understatement to say there are challenges facing the nation with many more challenges likely to come. As a result of President Biden’s spending bills, inflation has made this Thanksgiving more expensive than previous ones.

On top of that, inflation is projected to remain with the United States for quite some time to come. In spite of all this, however, there still remains much to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving.

Being Thankful This Holiday Season

During this Thanksgiving (and even beyond), we should be thankful to live in a nation where pushback is, in fact, happening against tyrannical power grabs. There are many places around the world where tyranny remains in full form and virtually no one is pushing back against it.

This holiday season is also a time to be thankful for friends, relatives, and loved ones. Even when life is not always as easy or smooth as it should be, the people who care about us and vise versa are also ones who should be celebrated.

Contrary to certain beliefs, being thankful doesn’t mean that one has to pretend everything is fine and dandy. However, what it does mean is acknowledging the positive things in our lives and realizing brighter days lie ahead.

On behalf of The Conservative Brief, we hope everyone is enjoying a happy Thanksgiving with loved ones and overall holiday cheer.

Good News This Thanksgiving

Last year, many Americans had reservations about gathering with their loved ones, notably anyone who was outside of their residence. This led to numerous people using Zoom and other online video streaming services to gather.

However, this year, more people are traveling across the country and otherwise spending time with folks who are outside of their homes for Thanksgiving.

It is about time and this is yet another thing to be thankful for. Rising above fear and keeping human bonds intact via human connection is so important; it’s critical for people to be able to see one another face-to-face, rather than just looking into a screen.

Fewer Americans are also worried about COVID today than they were one year prior. This, too, is another reason for Americans to be thankful. Despite all the issues our nation is confronting, we are still great with much more opportunity lying ahead of us.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving Day? Will you be spending this holiday with people from outside of your family or traveling? We want to read all about your Thanksgiving plans in the comments area below.