White House’s Door-to-Door COVID Vaccination Plan Deeply Unpopular


The Biden White House is having a tough time as of late. This partisan movement of defunding the police has majorly backfired, causing crime to surge across the country. As a result, President Biden met with law enforcement leaders earlier this week; this meeting followed the White House’s failed, transparent attempts to blame conservatives for the defund police movement. 

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It seems that the White House still hasn’t learned its lesson about the danger of aligning with poor policies. Days ago, the Biden administration announced their new plan, involving sending officials to the homes of Americans not immunized against COVID. Ultimately, the White House believes this strategy will drive up vaccination rates nationwide. 

News of the White House’s door-to-door COVID vaccination plan was not met kindly. Now, a new survey confirms that the majority of Americans don’t support this proposal, per Breitbart News

Overwhelming Rejection of the Door-to-Door Vaccination Plan

Rasmussen Reports’s latest survey on Biden’s door-to-door vaccination scheme is very telling. The findings showed that 53% of Americans do not approve of this plan; meanwhile, the White House only managed to win over support from 37% of the country on this COVID vaccination strategy. 

The numbers are clear: this White House has become far too high-handed; meanwhile, President Biden remains disconnected and out of touch. At this point, if someone is not vaccinated, sending officials to their homes is not a good idea; it’s more likely to stir up negative emotions than to convince someone to get the jab. 

Many Americans have spoken out against the preposterous notion of a door-to-door vaccination plan. Folks made clear that they view this as a form of harassment, intrusion, and significant government overreach. Other people asked how the White House would know who’s gotten the inoculation and who has not. 

All in all, it couldn’t be plainer where the nation stands on the White House’s door-to-door vaccination plan. 

Working Against Its Own Interests

The White House has made very clear that it wants as many Americans as possible inoculated against COVID. However, the irony is that the COVID door-to-door vaccination plan works against its own interests. 

The reality is that many Americans do not trust this vaccine. The fact that government officials are working so hard to push this vaccine doesn’t inspire trust either. Vaccine passports and health officials openly stating that life in America needs to be more difficult for the unvaccinated also fails to engender trust. 

By pushing this vaccine so hard and so relentlessly, the White House is ironically causing more red flags to go up. 

What do you think about more than 50% of the nation disapproving of the White House’s door-to-door COVID vaccination plan? Let us know your views below in the comments section.