White House to Halt Deportations of Illegal Aliens Who Commit Crimes

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By this point, it’s very well-established that illegally entering the United States is a crime. Immigration rules and laws exist for a reason; yet, the enforcement of these regulations became a political issue somewhere along the line.
Today’s Democrat Party is wholly in favor of open borders and a free-for-all where anyone can enter the nation. Democrats also argue that any enforcement of immigration laws or punishment of those who break these laws is inherently racist, inhumane, and xenophobic.

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With a Democrat president in the Oval Office, it appears as though the floodgates are about to open completely. According to Breitbart News, Joe Biden is preparing to halt deportations of illegal aliens who commit criminal offenses.

Biden’s Stamp of Approval for Illegal Immigration

The current president is set to handle Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) very differently than Trump did.
Hence, illegal aliens who are convicted of crimes against U.S. citizens won’t be prioritized for deportations. The Washington Post’s internal communications board has verified this, along with loose confirmation from Jen Psaki, the current White House press secretary.

As things currently stand, illegal aliens who engage in lawless acts, such as assault and driving while intoxicated, won’t be subjected to deportations. Instead, threats to national security and convictions for aggravated felonies shall be more closely reviewed.

Anticipated Surges in Crime

Countless studies and data have proven that failure to punish or move against crime often breeds more of it. During the 2020 presidential election, Trump warned that if Biden became the next president, crime would increase as a result of Biden’s policies.
In light of the attitudes that the current president has taken towards deportations and immigration, Trump’s warning appears poised to reach fruition in just a matter of time. Many former ICE officials are also sounding the alarm on immigration decisions that Biden is making as this nation’s president.

All in all, ICE, under Biden, is facing instructions to ignore certain actions of illegal aliens who are in breach of America’s federal laws. For many Americans, this is not well-received whatsoever; Biden’s policies regarding illegal aliens also aren’t in keeping with putting America first.
What do you think about Joe Biden’s policies and attitudes regarding immigration? Is halting the deportations of illegal aliens who commit crimes is a good idea or a disaster waiting to happen? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the section for comments below.