White House Press Secretary in Recovery from COVID-19

Since Friday, a wave of individuals within President Trump’s administration and work circle have caught coronavirus. Kellyanne Conway, first lady Melania Trump, Hope Hicks, and others are each in quarantine following tests indicating that they are COVID-19-positive.

Following this news, various conspiracy theories have come up about whether or not the White House was intentionally targeted with coronavirus. President Trump, however, returned to the White House yesterday, stating that he feels better than he’s felt in two decades.
Yesterday, Americans learned that Kayleigh McEnany, the current White House press secretary, received a positive test for the infamous COVID-19, despite showing absolutely no symptoms. According to Breitbart News, McEnany is doing well and in self-isolation to avoid spreading coronavirus to others.

A Closer Look at McEnany’s Positive Coronavirus Diagnosis

The White House press secretary’s positive coronavirus diagnosis occurred yesterday morning. It’s important to reiterate that despite testing positive, McEnany didn’t experience any symptoms. She also repeatedly tested negative for the virus between Thursday and Sunday.

Since testing positive on Monday, McEnany released a statement and appeared for a virtual interview with Fox News. While speaking to hosts, the press secretary confirmed that she’s “feeling great” and thankfully asymptomatic.
Likewise, the White House press secretary stated that her “heart goes out” to other people who are struggling with the virus and working to come back from it.  Since testing positive for coronavirus, McEnany has started quarantine and will telework for the White House.

A Public Shift in Response to Coronavirus

Since President Trump’s return to the White House yesterday, he’s shared some interesting news about the virus. Unlike many of Trump’s critics, the president is using his personal experience with coronavirus as a basis for his talking points.

As recently as this morning, the 45th president explained that America will learn to live with coronavirus, just as we’ve learned to live with the flu. Furthermore, Trump told Americans yesterday to not fear COVID-19 or allow it to control their lives.
The president’s bounce back from the virus comes less than one month away from this year’s election day. Trump has maintained that he’ll continue to lead the American people and seek re-election as the nation combats COVID-19.
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