White House on Coronavirus: New Cases and Deaths Declining

"Vice President Pence Interview with Fox" (Public Domain) by The White House

With millions of unemployed Americans, increases in domestic violence and other crimes, the United States is in an unprecedented period. Loads of people, from President Trump himself to everyday citizens, have noted that lockdowns cannot last forever. The cure cannot be worse than the problem and, at some point, some tough choices will have to be made.

Yesterday, the White House shared some good news pertaining to COVID-19. According to Dr. Deborah Birx, coronavirus cases and deaths are declining in Spain and Italy. Breitbart News furthermore reports Birx’s note of stabilization in American cities also.

Everything to Know About Decreases in COVID-19 Cases and Deaths

During Sunday’s coronavirus press briefing, Birx informed Americans of coronavirus deteriorations in not only Spain and Italy, but also here in the United States.
Specific areas to experience decreases in the infamous virus are New York, Louisiana, and Detroit, Michigan. Vice President Mike Pence also pointed out that “glimmers of progress” are present in the war against COVID-19.

Pence along with other members of the coronavirus task force also stressed the importance of social distancing. When discussing the decline of the virus in certain areas, the vice president and certain doctors on the task force touted social distancing as the driving factor behind positive developments.

What Comes Next?

Days ago, President Trump warned that this week is likely to contain “many deaths” in regards to coronavirus. However, the president has also stressed the importance of light at the end of the tunnel.

As concerns about the economy increase, Trump maintains that the cure cannot be worse than the problem. Furthermore, the president has pointed out that the United States economy can’t be shut down forever. Warnings of “tough decisions” regarding shutdowns also came from Trump, despite the rhetoric of those who favor weeks and months-long shelter-in-place orders.
Do you think more good news about coronavirus will come this week? How long do you think shelter-in-place mandates and lockdowns will maintain? Let us know in the comments section below!