White House Now Imposing Restrictions on Biden’s International Travel

Joe Biden’s age has long been a problem for him. The 80-year-old president, on numerous occasions, has been seen behaving and speaking in manners that are both strange and incoherent.

As a result of this, Biden faced calls to take a cognitive exam and reveal the results to the public. Thus far, this hasn’t happened and no one should hold their breath waiting for any changes.

Nevertheless, it appears as though the White House is taking action behind the scenes to keep the president’s age from truly showing. One of the strongest indicators of this deals with the White House putting restrictions on his international travel, per the Gateway Pundit.

Keeping Biden Contained

Quite simply, multiple reports indicate that White House officials are trying to put as much space and time as possible between Biden’s travels abroad. This is largely due to various episodes the president has of seemingly blanking out or otherwise appearing disoriented.

White House officials are also concerned that if Biden engages in too much international travel, this could ultimately hamper his efforts as president here at home.

Very few Americans are shocked by this development. If anything, it confirms a lot of suspicions that much of the country maintained of Biden all along.

A Problem for 2024?

Despite the Biden administration clearly looking to wind down his international travel, he is still expected to announce his reelection plans for 2024. Though this latest news about the White House lends credence to the idea that Biden isn’t fit to lead.

If Biden served another term in office, he would be 86 by the time it ended. Likewise, an even older Biden would require even more hand-holding, assuming that he’d even make it through another term in the first place.

Developments such as this are also all the more reason why some officials — on both sides of the aisle — believe this country is long overdue for a change in generational leadership.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.