White House May Investigate Social Media Bias Against Conservatives

"Rolling to Remember: Honoring Our Nation" (Public Domain) by The White House

For quite some time now, conservative Americans have faced relentless social media bias from big tech companies. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others continuously ban, censor, shadowban, and otherwise penalize right-wing users.
Contrary to what the left would have people believe, social media bias against conservatives is not a far-right talking point. It’s actually very real and documented evidence of it has surfaced.

With that in mind, this bias may soon be coming to an end. New reports from Townhall confirm that President Trump’s administration is considering putting together a task force to probe unfair social media bias against conservatives.

Reviewing the Possible Investigation into Anti-Conservative Social Media Bias

White House officials have condemned the unfair social media bias against conservatives, furthermore stating a need for exposure and full transparency. Likewise, President Trump himself took to Twitter earlier this month, confirming that moves are being made to stop this form of censorship.
Right now, sources maintain that organizations like the FEC and FCC are being looked at as possible reviewers of those who complain about bias on social media platforms. Likewise exists the possibility of the Trump administration putting together a council to thoroughly probe claims of bias against conservatives online.

Anti-conservative bias on social media platforms has maintained for years now. Platforms such as Google and Facebook have faced lawsuits from groups like PragerU; groups of this nature maintain concerns about how bias against conservatives conflicts with constitutional rights, such as freedom of speech.
Big tech companies and social media giants, for their part, have officially denied claims of actively censoring conservatives. Sadly though, leaked videos, data, analytics, and other pieces of evidence confirm otherwise.
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