White House Looks to Restore Mask Mandates for Fully Vaccinated Americans


More Americans are seeing that the coronavirus vaccine is not all that it’s cracked up to be. When COVID was in its earliest stages, the medical community touted the vaccine as a necessity for getting back to normal and living life. 

Yet, with more than 160 million Americans vaccinated, there are still certain places like Los Angeles County that have mask mandates in place, even for individuals fully vaccinated against COVID. That doesn’t make any sense. 

What’s equally nonsensical is the reality that there are numerous reports of fully vaccinated Americans still coming down with coronavirus. So much for the almighty COVID vaccine. It doesn’t stop transmission of the virus and it apparently doesn’t stop contraction of the virus or erase the supposed need for Americans to wear face coverings. 

According to Breitbart News, the White House is looking into restoring mask mandates for fully vaccinated Americans. 

The Latest Nonsense from the Biden Administration

In a nutshell, the White House is using the so-called Delta variant of COVID as an excuse to reinstate mask mandates. Months ago, the White House stated that vaccinated Americans no longer needed to wear face coverings in most settings; however, the Biden administration is now seriously looking at reversing this guidance. 

This possible reinstatement of the mask mandates shows that the White House does not have any real answers; it also shows that they’re very much eager to keep this pandemic going. If the Biden administration was serious, it would explain to Americans why so many people are catching COVID, even with the vaccine. 

This is not a serious administration, however. Biden and his allies are far more interested in censoring people on Facebook and railing against Americans who have yet to get the vaccine. It truly speaks volumes, at this point in time. 

No Incentive to Get the COVID Vaccine

The White House cannot have their cake and eat it too. In one breath, they’ve told Americans to either wear masks or get the COVID vaccine; yet, in the next breath, they’re gearing up to tell Americans who are completely vaccinated to mask up anyway. 

It doesn’t add up; this mixed messaging also doesn’t do anything to persuade Americans to get the COVID vaccine. Why should anyone get the vaccine when they still have to wear face coverings and are still at risk of contracting COVID? 

As long as the Biden administration continues dragging this thing out, the con will get more and more apparent. The time for civil disobedience is officially here. 

What do you think about President Biden debating on whether to have fully vaccinated Americans wear masks? What do you think about all these people who are fully vaccinated, yet still coming down with COVID? Let us know in the comments section below.