White House Looks to Rebrand, Amid Decline of Biden’s Presidency

2022 has truly shined a light on the massive decline of the Biden presidency. With Biden being only two days away from the one-year mark of his term, there’s not much good to show for it.

The 46th president talked a good game about uniting the country and “building back better”; however, he’s done the precise opposite. Biden’s divided the country by using polarizing vaccination mandates and attacking unvaccinated individuals.

He’s made everything worse by decreeing spending bills that are driving up inflation. Meanwhile, the southern border and supply chain is a mess. Neither the president nor his administration has come up with any comprehensive solutions.

One poll after the next shows that Americans are largely dissatisfied with the trajectory Biden has the country on. This is why the White House is now looking to shift its communications plan, as documented by Breitbart News.

Changing the Narrative

Sensing impending political doom, the Biden administration is looking to make modifications to the ways in which it communicates with the country.

As the president’s approval ratings get closer and closer to zero, the White House believes personalizing and increasing its messaging, rather than just giving broad speeches to the nation as a whole, will fix things.

Apparently, the administration believes that tapping into Biden’s supposed “empathy” and his capability of being able to reach individuals will help boost his approval ratings.

This new shift comes as Biden merely has a 33% rating of approval. Meanwhile, the majority of the country believes the president needs to direct more concentration to both the economy in general, along with inflation.

Missing the Mark

As of Tuesday morning, “#BidenWorstPresidentEver” trended on Twitter. This isn’t because of how the White House is communicating with Americans; it’s because of the policies and twisted priorities of this president.

The Biden administration can try as it might to rebrand communication styles; however, if they proceed with the current policies they’ve been implementing, Biden’s approval ratings aren’t going to change.

Polls have made it very clear which changes Americans want to see from this White House and its administration. Believe it or not, Republicans aren’t the 46th president’s only critics.

Just last week, multiple Senate Democrats wrote to Biden, admonishing him for dropping the ball on access to coronavirus tests for Americans. Meanwhile, Independent voters have grown increasingly disgruntled with Biden’s leadership.

If this administration believes its sole or greatest problem is how they’re communicating with the American public, then they truly haven’t been paying attention.

What do you think about the Biden administration’s endeavor to rebrand its communication strategy for the American public? Let us know down below in the comments feed whether or not you think this is the 46th president’s biggest issue.