White House Increasing Vaccine Distributions Nationwide

"Bottle with Coronavirus Vaccine and syri" (CC BY 2.0) by focusonmore.com

Americans have heard quite a bit about the coronavirus vaccine over the past several months. The vaccine’s actually made headlines for certain adverse reactions to it. The fact that healthcare workers and other first responders have largely refused the vaccine is also making waves in the media.

“Vaccine syringes with flag of United Sta” (CC BY 2.0) by focusonmore.com

The Biden White House is all about promoting the COVID-19 vaccine though. In fact, the White House stated earlier this month that the vaccine against coronavirus is a great medical breakthrough; this arrived before the administration claimed that Americans should still socially distance and wear face masks even after being vaccinated.
According to Newsmax, the White House is working on amping up coronavirus vaccine distribution across the nation.

Increased Access to the Coronavirus Vaccine

Yesterday, Jeff Zients, an adviser to the White House, explained the steps that the Biden administration will take to amp up COVID-19 vaccination.
According to Zients, states will receive weekly shipments of coronavirus vaccine doses. Likewise, the White House is also setting up a COVID-19 vaccination program in various community health centers across America.

The coronavirus vaccine program will surge in the weeks to come. Although, next week is going to mark the start of new vaccine dosage shipments. Zients then explained that sending vaccines to community health centers nationwide is designed to get the vaccines into areas that are challenging to reach.

The Timeline of Vaccine Distribution

Right now, it is difficult to say when the coronavirus vaccine will be widely available to all Americans. Some people have predicted late fall 2021 as the timeframe for greater access to the vaccine.
Despite the White House’s work to increase access and distribution, there are still certain Americans who simply don’t want the vaccine. Many of these people have their own concerns and reservations about the production of the vaccine along with certain adverse reactions from the injection.

The healthcare community, thus far, is not sharing much news on the reasons behind adverse reactions to this COVID-19 vaccine. Some people aren’t too concerned about this, but others have real reservations. Certain folks even question the necessity of the coronavirus vaccine, due to the very high survivability rates of this virus.
What do you think about the White House’s plan to increase distributions of the coronavirus vaccine? Have you been vaccinated against COVID-19 yet? If not, would you be willing to receive this vaccine? Let us know down below in the comments section.