White House Grilled for Lack of Transparency

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The Biden administration, since taking over the White House, has not hesitated to articulate the supposed shortcomings of the Trump administration. Biden aides claim that they will be more humane and transparent than their Trump-era counterparts; however, the current reality hardly bears this out. 

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Right now, a health crisis and humanitarian crisis are underway at the Southern border. Having children packed together on the floor and in close proximities is hardly humane; however, this is a nightmare that the Biden administration created. 

Transparency also isn’t turning out to be a strong suit of the Biden administration, either. Over the weekend, Fox News host Chris Wallace sparred with White House aide Jen Psaki over the lack of transparency from the current administration, Breitbart News confirms. 

No Transparency from the Biden Administration 

As the crisis at the Southern border gets more dangerous, the Biden administration is refusing to allow the press into these areas.

The only reason Americans currently know about the present conditions of these facilities is due to leaked photographs taken in secret. This makes it very clear that the horrors at the Southern border are ones the Biden administration seeks to keep under wraps. 

On Sunday, Chris Wallace of Fox News pressed Psaki about this lack of transparency. Wallace asked Psaki why camera crews and press folks aren’t being let into the facilities where migrant children are. Psaki then responded by claiming that the White House, DHS secretary, and President Biden are “committed to that.” 

Although, when Wallace asked the White House press secretary precisely when the media will be given access into these facilities, Psaki didn’t answer. She merely alleged that the White House is committed to transparency; yet, Psaki ultimately refused to provide an exact timeframe. 

The exchange ultimately ended with Wallace stating that the Biden administration is being less transparent than the Trump administration that preceded them. 

The Importance of Transparency

Thus far, the Biden administration keeps proving a lack of regard for transparency and even democracy.

President Biden kicked off his White House term with one executive action after the other; moreover, Biden is seeking to pass even more executive orders. This time, the executive orders of Biden’s preference would involve gun control across the nation. 

Many Americans are of the belief that the public deserves transparency from this president and administration. 

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