White House Downplays Biden’s Low Approval Ratings


For most of Joe Biden’s presidency now, approval ratings have been something he’s struggled with. The decisions Biden is making as president are not winning him much support; they’re certainly not doing Americans any favors.

At this point in time, Biden’s approval rating has dropped to a low of 38%. Meanwhile, a brand new poll came out yesterday revealing 61% of voters are against the 46th president running for another term.

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This is not good feedback. It’s certainly not a sign that Biden’s policies are as popular as his administration would like to make them out to be. In fact, Townhall is now reporting the ways in which the White House is attempting to downplay Biden’s tragically low approval ratings from Americans.

The Latest Spin from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

All in all, the White House is working to ensure Biden bounces back from the series of scandals plaguing his presidency. This is why Biden administration officials are downplaying economic problems like the supply chain crisis.

It’s also why the White House pulled out all the stops to discredit a CNN report citing tensions between the vice president and other members of the team. Days after that report, Biden and Harris were seen grinning and embracing one another during a bill signing ceremony.

The White House additionally released a series of statements, declaring Harris as a valuable partner to Biden and a trusted confidant. All in all, the president’s administration wants him to be able to turn things around, especially in light of where his poll numbers currently stand.

Since Monday, the White House has been touting Biden’s new infrastructure bill passing into law as a win. However, Republicans are warning most of the bill is far removed from infrastructure; conservatives also maintain the massive spending of the legislation is going to worsen inflation.

More Problems Coming from the White House?

Despite the White House’s work to shut down stories about alleged problems with Harris as vice president, these claims aren’t going away. In fact, since CNN’s reports, there are rumors of Biden looking into getting a new vice president altogether.

Apparently, the 46th president is asking for officials to review the congressional process for getting a brand-new vice president confirmed. At this time, reports of this nature are merely rumors; however, there are Americans who remain convinced these claims are credible.

Quite frankly, there is no telling what all is going to happen with Biden or his White House over the next three years. Nevertheless, the administration is certainly hard at work to keep problems contained and not open to public scrutiny.

Do you believe the White House is facing more problems than it’s letting on? What do you imagine the next three years of Biden’s presidency will look like? We’re excited to read your thoughts below in the comments field.