White House Distances Federal Gov’t from Vaccine Passport Debates

"Showing immune passport in the airport" (CC BY 2.0) by wuestenigel

Conversations about vaccine passports in the United States continue to arise. As social distancing and face masks are slowly phased out, some people believe that Americans should have to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination in order to enter into certain spaces, businesses, and venues. 

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Proponents of vaccine passports argue that it’s just about getting back to normal. The many Americans who are against vaccine passports understand the real implications of these devices; vaccine passports would clearly create a two-tier society and pave the way for excluding the unvaccinated. After all, the folks in favor of vaccine passports have made no bones about their support for shunning and isolating unvaccinated individuals. 

On Monday, the questions about vaccine passports came up yet again during a White House press conference. Jen Psaki, the press secretary, worked to distance the federal government from any talk of vaccine passports, Washington Examiner confirms. 

Psaki on Vaccine Passports and the Federal Government 

Yesterday, Psaki took questions from a reporter noting that certain officials have caused for businesses to implement vaccine passports in light of the CDC’s changed guidelines on face coverings. 

Psaki, yet again, stated that the White House’s stance on vaccine passports has not changed. The press secretary told the media that the federal government won’t involve itself in any vaccine passport program; however, Psaki also noted that the private sector may choose to embrace and implement vaccine passport programs. 

Finally, the White House press secretary pushed back against certain claims that the CDC’s new guidelines on mask wearing are reliant upon a honor system. Psaki explained that vaccinated people don’t have to trust that others around them are also immunized. She then declared that wearing a mask provides protection; yet, vaccinated individuals have no need to mask up. 

A Rejection of Vaccine Passports

Many Americans are rejecting the notion of vaccine passports and “show me your vaccine passport” requirements to engage in society. In Florida, vaccine passports are outlawed (not just banned via executive order). Also, other states have implemented executive orders to seriously limit the use of vaccine passports. 

At this time, businesses that have lifted mask requirements for vaccinated customers have not indicated that they will require proof of vaccination. Proponents of vaccine passports, however, believe that everyone should have to distribute proof that they’ve received a coronavirus vaccine in order to participate in society. 

For now, though, the federal government will not play any role in a vaccine passport program. Therefore, the rejection or embrace of vaccine passports ultimately comes down to the state level. 

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