White House Backs Texas Salon Owner Shelley Luther

"President Trump Visits Honeywell Interna" (Public Domain) by The White House

Over the past few days, Shelley Luther, the owner of the Dallas-based Salon a La Mode, has made national headlines. Luther, in defiance of Texas lockdown orders, reopened her salon to feed her family and the families of her employees.
First, the government attempted to bully Luther into closing her business by issuing citations, but she held firm to her right to work and feed her family. When left-wing Judge Eric Moye then attempted to coerce Luther into saying that she was selfish for attempting to remain financially afloat, she refused.

This led to Shelley Luther being hit with a seven-day jail sentence along with fines. However, her story rapidly gained traction with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and the Texas attorney general calling for Luther’s release. Needless to say, Luther was rightfully let out of prison; a GoFundMe account started for her has also raised more than $500,000.
Not only did Gov. Abbott call for Luther’s release from jail, but he also scrapped jail time as a consequence for breaching lockdown orders. Now, reports from The Daily Caller News Foundation confirm that the White House supports both Gov. Abbott’s decision and Luther’s moves to feed her family.

The Statement from the White House

On Thursday, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway responded to a question about whether or not the White House backs Gov. Abbott’s decision. Conway responded by confirming that incarcerations of business owners trying to make a living, like Shelley Luther, are not supported by the White House.

The counselor to the president described Luther’s previous jailing as “an unfairness on top of an injustice wrapped around inequality.”
Conway then noted the 33.5 million Americans who are without jobs thanks to shelter-in-place and stay-at-home orders. Citing the present situation as a “health and financial crisis,” Conway confirmed that the White House is working each day to manage the circumstances.
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