What’s Really Going on in Sudan?

There’s a simple way to get more power in war: increase your allies and the reach of your Navy, Air Force, and weapons systems. The current situation in Sudan has been getting a lot of attention lately, with the US evacuating its diplomatic staff.

Sudan is currently in chaos as fighters from the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) try to overthrow the sitting government.

The American corporate media has been claiming Moscow is behind the coup by the RSF and trying to broaden its reach by causing destruction, but a quick look under the surface shows this actually makes no sense.

There’s a lot more to the story about what’s really going on in Sudan and the dirty role of the Biden-Harris regime.

Reality Check on Sudan

Sudan has remained without a parliament since the 2019 government collapsed. The chaos has only intensified since the 2021 military coup.

In February of this year, the military that currently runs the country entered into an agreement with Russia for the construction of a naval base on its territory.

Sudan’s government has also granted parcels of land to set up military installations in exchange for military equipment and weapons from Russia.

Initially, the agreement lasts for 25 years with an option to renew. Putin is not at all silly to ally himself with Sudan; it’s well known that Russia and China are trying to build their alliances and influence in Africa.

Why would Russia then go try to destroy the government that’s handing it more power in Africa?

Don’t Do Business With Russia…Or Else!

Countries such as Britain and the US previously warned Sudan not to do business with Russia.

Last year, U.S. Ambassador to Sudan John Godfrey warned Sudan’s government not to allow the construction of the Russian marine base; otherwise, the country would be harmed in its political interests.

Sudan’s government went ahead and did it anyway. Godfrey made a point of making it clear at the time that every decision has its consequences.

Now, RSF leader Mohamed “Hemedti” Hamdan Dagalo is leading the charge to oust the government and turned on them, likely enticed by promises from the American intelligence community.

The number of people at the American embassy in Khartoum is staggering, a total of 70. What are they all doing there?

The Bottom Line

The Biden-Harris regime is shaming America around the world, getting us involved with corrupt governments and proxy wars in every last place imaginable.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.