What to Expect Heading into the New Year


2021 has been quite a year. There have been several changes and a plethora of new events to take place over the course of this year.

In January, President Trump left the White House and was succeeded by Joe Biden. When Biden got into office, one of his first orders of business entailed undoing a good amount of his predecessor’s work.

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As Americans have lived to see, the rolling back of this work caused serious problems for a lot of people. Many folks are therefore heading into the new year with uncertainty, apprehension, and countless questions.

For these reasons, it’s so imperative to have a good understanding of at least some of what we should all expect as 2021 is coming to a close.

What’s Going to Happen in 2022?

Some major events happening next year will be the midterm congressional elections.

These races will cover both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate. Furthermore, the trajectories of these races are showing that Republicans stand a fairly good chance of taking back each of the chambers.

In November, Americans will be able to cast their ballots and determine which party controls the House and Senate going forward.

Governor’s races are also coming up next year, across multiple states. Some of the states that will have gubernatorial elections include South Dakota, Florida, Texas, Georgia, and others.

These races will have monumental impacts at the state level. Many of the states with governor’s elections in 2022 have seen more people moving in.

In the case of Florida, the state flipped from purple to red this year, with Florida now being able to boast of more GOP voters than Democrat voters.

A Divided America

While 2022 will undoubtedly come with various changes, there is no doubt that present divisions in the United States are going to linger into the new year. For instance, the massive gaps between red states and blue states are likely to persist.

Just earlier this week, President Biden declared that handling COVID is something that’s going to need to take place at a state level, rather than a federal level.

Already in blue states like Louisiana, New York, and California, people are mandated to show vaccine passports before they can get service.

With Biden leaving COVID mitigation in the hands of the states, 2022 is likely to see an increase of blue states doubling down on these sorts of measures.

Meanwhile, red states are on course to remaining firmly in support of individual freedom while holding the line against draconian mandates.

What are you expecting to take place as we wrap up 2021 and head into the new year? Do you believe 2022 is going to be a good year? We’re looking forward to getting your thoughts in the comments section.