WH Press Secretary: Biden Answered Record Number of Questions

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre reinforced her claim that President Biden engaged in an “unparalleled” level of interaction with journalists, stating on Tuesday that he “fielded more than 320 inquiries.”

Jean-Pierre: Biden’s press conference count surpasses past presidents

The matter happened on Monday when White House correspondents questioned why the president had no plans for a formal press conference during his Belfast, Northern Ireland visit this week.

Jean-Pierre initially mentioned that it was “extraordinary for a president to entertain as many impromptu questions as President Biden has.”

Journalists aboard Air Force One revisited the subject in a conversation with Jean-Pierre and NSC spokesperson John Kirby.

On this occasion, the press secretary provided a specific figure for the number of questions President Biden addressed, asserting it surpasses “the combined total of Presidents Trump and Obama, or Presidents Obama and George W. Bush.”

“To respond to your query, he has answered in excess of 320 questions, a figure that doesn’t even account for more formal press conferences and interviews,” Jean-Pierre clarified.

White House alters transcript of Jean-Pierre’s exchange with reporters

Meanwhile, in a discreet manner, the White House rectified a statement made by Jean-Pierre in which she claimed Biden has fielded more questions from the media than former Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump combined.

Without drawing public attention to the amendments, the White House altered the transcript of Jean-Pierre’s exchange with reporters aboard Air Force One. The revised text now refers to “question-and-answer sessions” instead of “questions,” even though Jean-Pierre made the assertion on four separate occasions.

The subject emerged during the discussion when a journalist inquired if the administration determined whether President Biden would conduct a press conference during his Irish visit this week.

This prompted Jean-Pierre to divulge the information she pledged to provide the day before when questioned about the president’s limited accessibility to the press.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.