West Virginia Schools to Reopen in September

"Stephens City United Methodist Church" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by NCinDC

Over the course of this week, the nation has debated about when and how to open schools.
Some people believe that schools should remain closed due to coronavirus; people with this outlook have suggested virtual learning as an alternative to children and students gathering in classrooms for in-person education.

Many Americans who favor reopening take issue with virtual learning. They view it as largely ineffective, subsequently maintaining that schools can safely reopen this fall with certain precautions put in place.
As it currently stands, West Virginia is on track to reopen its schools by September 8, 2020. The state’s Governor Jim Justice (R) has stated that his team is working on a safe reopening plan, per Fox News.

The Plan to Reopen West Virginia Schools

Governor Justice declared on Friday that West Virginia education leaders and his staffers are putting a plan together to get schools back in session by the 8th of September. The Republican governor also maintains that the safety of West Virginians is his ultimate priority and the determining factor in reopening.

In additional statements, Justice described the presence of coronavirus as “a moving target” that is unimaginable. Claiming that West Virginia needs to “buy time,” the governor also asserted that having as much information as possible will allow for the best decision.
Justice’s remarks arrive amid reports of rising COVID-19 cases in West Virginia. The reported surge is what’s causing the West Virginia governor to not “rush” a move to getting children back in schools.

The Health of Young People

As the nation debates on when and how to get schools back in session, the health of young people is at the forefront of talks. Americans who favor reopening note the social, psychological, and emotional benefits of kids interacting with their peers, engaging in recess, etc.

Studies of coronavirus have shown that it is very uncommon for children to transfer coronavirus with one another. With that in mind, there are still certain precautions that schools can take to minimize risk; these precautions include social distancing, temperature checks, having fewer people in classrooms, etc.
Finally, President Trump has warned that the federal government may withhold funding from schools that choose not to reopen this fall.
What do you think about West Virginia’s plan for reopening its schools this fall? Do you believe all schools across the country should open their doors? Let us know in the comments section below!