Waters on Trump: He's an "Illegitimate​ Racist!"

Yesterday, President Trump published a series of tweets in response to ongoing criticism from outspoken members of the House Democrat caucus. In the tweets, the president urged the congress women to return to their countries of origin, learn how to govern, and then come back to America and lead with their gained experience. These tweets prompted outrage from the left-wing which predictably branded the president as a racist.

Of course, every from the congresswomen themselves (Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib) to Nancy Pelosi and even Maxine Waters weighed in. Waters branded the president as an “illegitimate racist” during an interview with CNN, as documented by Breitbart News. This commentary from Waters is nothing new; since the inception of the Trump presidency, she has spoken out against the president and urged progressives to confront Trump supporters in public.

Reviewing Trump’s Tweets and Waters’ Response

The president posted the following tweets about the aforementioned House Democrats yesterday:

These tweets come after the freshmen congresswomen have made a series of concerning statements. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to do away with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Ilhan Omar referred to 9/11 as “some people did something.”

Rashida Tlaib believes that the term “illegal immigrant” is ‘dehumanizing,’ despite its accuracy. Ayanna Pressley has referred to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway as “Distraction Becky.” These congress members are far from innocent; they’ve willingly inserted themselves into the political arena and everything which comes along with it.

The Statements from Maxine Waters

While appearing on CNN, Waters stated that Donald Trump’s presidency is illegitimate and she, of course, branded him as a “racist.”

In Waters’ own words:

“The president is an illegitimate racist occupying the White House who has defined himself over and over again. Yes, he attacked these four women of color who are members of Congress who have been elected from their districts to come to the Congress of the United States and represent the people in their districts. They are certainly legitimate. He is not.”

She continued her rant by claiming that Trump previously “cheated” college students and calling for his impeachment. So in other new, it’s all more of the same. Waters regurgitated the typical talking points which are spewed from the mouths of those who despise our current president.

Not Backing Down

Despite the rage of the Democrat Party, the president of the United States is not backing down. Earlier this morning, Trump posted a series of follow-up tweets from yesterday’s.

In his own words:

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