WATCH: Pelosi Mumbles over Hawaii Vacation During the Shutdown

Newly appointed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently found herself facing some questions about a Hawaii vacation she took while the government shutdown remained ongoing. The government is now on day 13 of closure due to Democratic leaders’ refusal to work with President Trump on border security.
However, when asked about her luxurious Christmas vacation, Pelosi had some very interesting answers, reports Townhall.

An Overview of Pelosi’s Explanation

During a Thursday interview with NBC’s TODAY, Pelosi shared the following remarks when asked about the president’s criticism of her time in Hawaii:

“I observed the Christmas holiday for a few days, and I cut in half the time I would have had.”

When asked whether or not Trump’s statements about her vacation were a “cheap shot,” Pelosi simply claimed that her time in Hawaii is not relevant.
In her own words:

“It’s not important. It’s totally unimportant, but the fact is we all stood ready and told our members we’ll have 24 hours notice for all of us to be where we need to be.”

Finally, the new Speaker of the House hit back at the president, stating that he may be unaware of the fact that Hawaii is part of the United States:

“The president may not know this, but Hawaii is part of the United States of America. Maybe he doesn’t realize that. I don’t know where the president observed the religious holiday of Christmas. Do you?”

Criticism Against Pelosi’s Vacation

House Speaker Pelosi faced criticism against her holiday vacation due to the state of government when she left. Both she and Schumer had the power to keep the government open by presenting appropriate legislation; that meant providing the proper funds for the border wall.
However, Democrats have made their aversion to the wall more than clear; they know it would be a huge victory for the president and with the 2020 election around the corner, a Trump win is the last thing Democrats are looking for.
What do you think about Pelosi’s responses to criticism of her time in Hawaii? Do you believe that she and Schumer should have first presented the proper legislation to President Trump? Let us know in the comments section below.
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