Washington DC is Teaching Kindergarteners Critical Race Theory

At its core, critical race theory teaches that people’s race makes them either oppressors or victims of oppression. Critical race theory argues that all American systems are rooted in white supremacy and therefore need to be dismantled accordingly.

This set of beliefs is slowly making its way into schools and being taught to kids. Republicans have railed against this, noting that young minds shouldn’t be indoctrinated with Marxist political/social theories.

Democrats, for their part, have largely denied that critical race theory is being taught in places other than college campuses, in some cases. However, evidence to the contrary continues to emerge.

According to Breitbart News, 4-year-old children in Washington D.C. were given books on “anti-racism.”

The Indoctrination of America’s Youngest Minds

In Janney Elementary School, children in classes pre-kindergarten through third grade attended an event known as the Anti-Racism Fight Club.

During this club, kids were told that racism exists within every fabric of US society and is “the ocean,” rather than merely sharks in the ocean.

The Anti-Racism Fight Club later notified pre-kindergarten through third-grade children that they aren’t at fault for having “white privilege,” yet will be at fault if they choose to turn the other cheek to this supposed “white privilege.”

In the fistbook handed out, small children were told to seek out alleged racists within their families and try to make them change.

The Anti-Racism Fight Club even asked children as young as four years old what their “strategy” for tackling supposedly racist people entails.

Children from pre-kindergarten to third grade should be learning their ABCs and other basic skills pertaining to reading, writing, math, science, social studies, etc.

They should not be used as weapons for people who have clear political agendas.

The Fight For Parental Rights

The latest stunt being pulled by Janney Elementary School is all the more reason why parents are speaking out during school board meetings or even just homeschooling their children altogether.

After this discovery, it can never be said that critical race theory isn’t being taught to young children. Incidents like this are why Florida passed its latest education bill that centers on parents’ rights in the education of their children.

Additional instances of critical race theory are going to keep popping up unless more people are willing to stand up against it.

Eventually, if schools persist with these sorts of curriculums, they shouldn’t be surprised when the students in their classrooms get fewer and further in between.

What do you think about an elementary school in Washington DC teaching young children about critical race theory and anti-racism? How do you think parents of the kids attending this school should respond?

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