Was This the Real Reason Tucker Carlson Was Fired?

When Tucker Carlson was fired a few weeks ago, it came as a shock to most. Being fired is usually something that happens when you’re doing a bad job, but Tucker was at the top of his game with record ratings.

He even said “See you on Monday” when signing off the Friday before he was let go. So why was he fired?

New information is now coming to light about why Tucker was fired; it makes Fox News look even worse than it already looks.

Why Was Tucker Tossed Aside?

The new information about why Tucker was fired comes from another journalist who was unfairly picked on and targeted by the deep state and the left.

That journalist is James O’Keefe, who faced a fake internal revolt at Project Veritas and ended up leaving to start his own venture: O’Keefe Media Group (OMG).

OMG is already proving its value, releasing a huge video that exposes why Tucker was fired from Fox. It wasn’t for any principled reason or even a business decision. It was part of the settlement deal Fox made as part of its lawsuit payout to Dominion Voting Systems.

This big exposure came from an undercover video released by OMG that exposes the inside players.

Shocking Video Tells All

The undercover video is with a Fox News producer by the name of Sean Langille. He unknowingly blows the whistle on Fox, admitting the $787.5 million payout to Dominion included letting Tucker go as part of the deal.

Langille also got deeper into the role of former Biden regime Public Relations guy Mike LaRosa, who went on to work for Dominion and did his best to kick Tucker to the curb.

‘It’s Big Pharma’

Langille also admitted Big Pharma and Fox’s woke sponsors have a big influence on the network and have been leaning on them to fire Tucker for a while.

As he said, “It’s Big Pharma.” Tucker speaking out against the COVID “vaccine” and more was not making the Murdochs or the advertisers happy.

Langille later called and tried to take back what he’d said, but O’Keefe let him know that wasn’t an option.


Why Was Tucker Let Go?

For telling the truth.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.