Warren Takes Hits for Dodging Question on Medicare-for-All Tax Hikes

Leftist contenders who hope to take on President Trump in the general election continue to claim that Medicare-for-All is best. Like all forms of socialism, Medicare-for-All relies upon the theft of other people’s money and massive government intervention. Proponents of Medicare-for-All are furthermore in favor of forcing millions of Americans off their private insurance plans.

Yesterday, 2020 Democrat Pete Buttigieg spoke about Medicare-for-All and censured one of its main backers, Elizabeth Warren. As a presidential candidate, Warren has repeatedly campaigned on Medicare-for-All, but she also has a tendency to evade questions about whether or not the middle class will pay more in taxes.

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Breitbart News reported Buttigieg’s critical take on Warren attempting to dodge questions about how Medicare-for-All would be funded.

Reviewing Buttigieg’s Take on Warren and Medicare-for-All

On Thursday, Buttigieg appeared on CNN for an interview and discussed various policy matters. When talking about Warren and Medicare-for-All, Buttigieg stated that he knows Medicare-for-All will increase taxes for the middle class. This is something which people have known for quite some time; Medicare-for-All is set to cost trillions of dollars and Democrats who are pretending that the middle class won’t be impacted by this are lying to the public.

Buttigieg’s critical statements about Warren and Medicare-for-All read as follows:

“Senator Warren is known for being straightforward, and was extremely evasive when asked that question, and we’ve seen that repeatedly. I think that if you are proud of your plan and it’s the right plan, you should defend it in straightforward terms.”

“I think it’s puzzling that when everybody knows the answer to that question, of whether her plan and Senator Sanders’ plan will raise middle-class taxes is yes, why you wouldn’t just say so and then explain why you think that’s the better way forward.”

More on Medicare-for-All

Whenever 2020 Democrats who favor Medicare-for-All talk about the program, they claim that the “majority” of Americans want it. If that were the case, then surely Warren wouldn’t have any issues with transparency.

The problem here is that Medicare-for-All proponents don’t really care about what Americans want; the interests of candidates like Warren and Sanders simply revolve around increasing their own power and getting their legislation passed. This explains why many 2020 Democrats have no qualms with kicking Americans off their private healthcare; it’s also why other 2020 Democrats want to restore Obamacare and revive the individual mandate.

Voters should be vigilant and know that there’s a reason for Warren’s refusal to outrightly state whether or not Medicare-for-All will raise taxes on middle America.

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