Warren SLANDERS Fox News as "Hate-for-Profit Machine"

Over the course of this weekend, horrific shootings took place in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. As a result, multiple individuals died and others have sustained critical injuries. In the wake of these shootings, Americans across the nation are reacting in various fashions.

Democrats are senselessly calling for more gun control, despite the proven reality that, by definition, criminals don’t abide by the laws of the land. Rationally-minded individuals, like conservatives, have noted that focusing on the mental health components which are prompting people to commit these crimes is the proper course of action.

Now, leftists have made some pretty ignorant statements in the wake of these shootings, but the dumbest one of all comes from Elizabeth Warren, a senator who is also running for president. Following the El Paso shooting, Warren took to Twitter and slandered Fox News as a “hate-for-profit machine” which emboldens racist individuals and conspiracy theorists. This declaration has been documented by Breitbart News and reaches a new level of stupidity, even for the Democrat Party.

A Closer Look at Warren’s Choice to Scapegoat Fox News

Warren elected to make the aforementioned defamatory statements about Fox News in support of another Twitter user. Of course, this user also faulted President Trump for the horror in El Paso, claiming that the shooter took inspiration from “white nationalist ideology.” These days, everything and everyone who leans right of center is either a white nationalist, a racist, a xenophobe, or some other “ism” or “obic”, in the eyes of progressives. Democrats are content to use these buzzwords and demonize the right-wing instead of being truthful with themselves.

It’s actually amazing that progressives will go to the ends of the earth to blame everyone except the shooter for his own crimes. With each passing tweet and public statement, the left-wing continues to prove that they value politics over human life. Democrats cannot profess to truly care for the victims of these awful shootings while simultaneously blaming everyone except the shooters.

Warren responded to this tweet in a supportive manner and further slandered Fox News:

Facing the Facts

Feeling upset and distraught by the shootings which occurred over the weekend is perfectly normal and understandable. What’s not normal or understandable is faulting an entire news organization for the actions of rouge criminals. In no way are the tragedies which occurred in Ohio or Texas linked to Fox News.

Leah Greenberg knows this, Elizabeth Warren knows this and they both ought to be ashamed of themselves. It is unfortunate that progressives will direct their rage towards the right-wing, President Trump, the NRA, gun manufacturers, and everyone else who does not deserve it. Politicizing the deaths of innocent lives for the sake of brownie points and grandstanding against Trump are the new depths to which the Democrat Party has sunk.

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