Warren Slams Bloomberg: We'll Take on "Egomaniac Billionaire" at Debate!

Poll numbers, money, and chosen strategies are only some of many factors that carry weight in primary elections. There’s no denying that candidates with higher poll numbers tend to have an easier time than their low-polling counterparts. Likewise, a bottomless pit of capital certainly doesn’t hurt presidential candidates who are seeking to challenge their opponents.

Americans have witnessed the aforementioned factors and their impact on different candidates in this 2020 presidential election. Candidates like Elizabeth Warren have slipped in the polls as a result of poorly chosen strategies and other factors.

Elizabeth Warren by Gage Skidmore, on Flickr

Elizabeth Warren” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

However, 2020 Democrat Mike Bloomberg has managed to go up in certain polls and even qualify to appear on the Las Vegas Democrat debate stage; of course, these poll surges are engendered by Bloomberg throwing hundreds of millions of dollars at misleading, misinformation ads.

On Tuesday, Warren took to Twitter slamming Bloomberg for purchasing his way through the race; furthermore, the Massachusetts senator declared that the debate with Bloomberg would serve as a message to Trump for how Democrats handle an “egomaniac billionaire,” according to Breitbart News.

A Closer Look at Warren’s Take on Bloomberg

Like many other presidential candidates, Warren maintains that Bloomberg has entered into the race by simply throwing money around.

Shortly after the former New York City mayor announced his candidacy, Warren professed that Bloomberg only needs “bags and bags of money” rather than actual people who support and believe in him. Of course, the Massachusetts senator is known for her anti-billionaire, anti-rich people talking points; several of her policies involve hitting wealthy Americans with obscene amounts of taxes.

Bloomberg’s eligibility to appear on the Las Vegas debate stage only came after the DNC removed the individual donor mandate. Interestingly enough, this requirement only got the boot after the self-funding Bloomberg entered the presidential election. Shortly after the DNC made their announcement, many people accused Bloomberg of buying his way onto the debate stage.

There’s no doubt that the foregoing talking points and many others will arise when Bloomberg joins his Democrat rivals to debate in Las Vegas.

Is Bloomberg Ready to Debate?

The Las Vegas debate stage will mark Bloomberg’s first time directly contesting other candidates. In light of the 2020 Democrat’s absence from prior debate stages, some folks have opined that he doesn’t really want to directly go toe-to-toe with other candidates. This is something which President Trump himself has alluded to, stating that Bloomberg is actually terrible at debates and so short that he’ll need a box to stand on.

Only time will tell how Bloomberg performs at the Las Vegas debate; however, he should certainly prepare for direct criticism regarding not only how he’s chosen to run his campaign, but also pertaining to his past statements about farmers, blue-collar workers, and racial minorities.

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