Warren Introduces Plan to Raise Taxes and Target NRA

One of the most unfortunate aspects of the Democrat Party is their inability to put forth effective policies and reform. Time and time again, Democrats miss the mark; their proposals are consistently comprised of changes which would ruin the economy and infringe upon civil liberties. To add insult to injuries, leftists have the audacity to attempt to brand their proposals as advantageous to the American people. Half the time, Democrats don’t even believe their own falsehoods.

The nation is forced to hear about another terrible proposal; this time it comes from 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren. Now, Warren is already known for making wacky statements, but her latest plan truly reaches new levels of absurdity.

In the wake of last weekend’s mass shootings, Warren has introduced a gun control proposal which would involve raising taxes in addition to targeting lawful gun owners and the National Rifle Association (NRA), reports Fox News.

Reviewing Warren’s Anti-Second Amendment Proposal

In a nutshell, Warren’s terrible plan ultimately boils down to penalizing gun manufacturers, lawful, Americans who are seeking guns, and the NRA. This is evident, seeing as her proposal would increase taxes on manufacturers of guns, extend waiting periods for lawful individuals seeking gun ownership and launch an official probe into the NRA.

Since announcing her plan, Warren has wasted no time in demonizing the so-called “out-of-control” gun industry. Like other radical leftists, she genuinely believes that manufacturers of guns are responsible for the violent acts committed by a select few criminals. Furthermore, Warren aims to investigate what she’s referring to as “corrupt business practices” of the NRA.

Warren’s latest proposal is absolutely appalling and should raise countless red flags for Americans who value the sacred Second Amendment.

Missing the Mark

Democrats claim to care about mass shootings in America, yet they continuously miss the mark when it comes to offering real solutions. At this point, it’s almost impossible to believe that they’re not intentionally going off base.

Warren’s gun control proposal is useless for a plethora of reasons, but the most important one of all is the reality that criminals do not follow gun control laws. Hiking taxes on gun manufacturers won’t stop deranged criminals for illegally obtaining guns; neither will making lawful citizens wait for longer periods to obtain guns or employing the government to harass the NRA. Not a single member of the NRA has committed a mass shooting, yet Democrats continue to vilify and target this organization.

It’s high time that Americans start collectively asking why Democrats are more interested in targeting lawful, gun-owning citizens instead of the real criminals.

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