Warren Gets Endorsement from Former Rival Julian Castro

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em? Apparently this is a motto which former 2020 Democrat and ex-HUD Secretary Julian Castro adheres to.

Earlier this month, Castro ended his presidential campaign; although he made sure to note his gratefulness to the few supporters who came out and backed his candidacy. The downfall of the former HUD Secretary’s campaign was engendered by a lack of strategy, struggles to raise funding, and the lack of ability to get his name in the press.

During his time as a candidate, Castro barely appeared on any Democrat debate stages; most Americans didn’t even know he was running for office.

Julian Castro by Gage Skidmore, on Flickr

Julian Castro” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

In the wake of ending his own presidential campaign, Castro is now supporting that of Elizabeth Warren’s. On Monday, the former 2020 Democrat publically endorsed Warren via Twitter. According to Castro, he and Warren “share a vision of America” and he’s proud to support her crusade for “big, structural change.”

A Closer Look at Castro’s Endorsement of Warren

In Castro’s endorsement of Warren, he lauded the socialist’s vision for the United States. While this vision involves dependency upon big government, socialism, and an assault against individual liberties, Castro maintains a Warren presidency would engender “a path to opportunity” for everyone.

The former HUD Secretary’s endorsement of Warren comes as she drops in the polls. The senator’s various purity tests and lies about Medicare-for-All’s impact on middle-class taxes have caused her to lose some support. In the wake of this loss, she’s now struggling to regain ground with candidates like Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

Castro is scheduled to spend time in New York today in order to campaign for Warren.

Warren’s Reaction to the Endorsement

Right now, Elizabeth Warren needs all the support she can get. This is why she immediately thanked Castro for his endorsement.

In a response tweet, Warren lauded the former HUD Secretary as a supposedly “powerful voice” for “bold, progressive change.” The 2020 Democrat continued, stating that she’s “honored” to have Castro’s backing and that the pair will work together to ram their far-left, socialist policies down Americans’ throats.

Primary voting is weeks away and Warren, like other 2020 Democrats is eager to garner as much support as possible. Only time will tell whether or not Castro’s endorsement truly helps her in the long run.

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