Warren Confirms Medicare-for-All Will Erase MILLIONS of Jobs

Despite the massive costs and drawbacks associated with Medicare-for-All, 2020 Democrats continue attempting to shove it down the American people’s throats. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are the main backers of Medicare-for-All and have consistently hesitated to be forthcoming about the severe economic impacts of socialized healthcare.

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As a result of the vague approach which Democrats have taken towards justifying Medicare-for-All’s costs and drawbacks, it’s faced additional scrutiny. Therefore, Elizabeth Warren has been all but forced to admit that Medicare-for-All will result in the loss of millions of jobs.

Fox News reports that Warren attempted to reframe this horrific reality by citing it as just “part of the cost issue.”

The Greatest Cost of Medicare-for-All

The irony of Medicare-for-All costing millions of jobs in America is that Democrats claim this healthcare system will save money for Americans. This is a talking point which Warren and other backers of the proposal have repeatedly spouted.

Yet, if millions of jobs are lost because Democrats want to turn over healthcare to the government, this is not only costing Americans money, but also reducing the quality of care. Of course, these are truths that people like Warren and Sanders will never admit.

Warren finally came clean about this particular cost of Medicare-for-All during a New Hampshire Public Radio interview on Wednesday. After confessing the truth about such a major loss, Warren attempted to redirect by suggesting that “healthcare dollars” of the past haven’t been spent on healthcare.

Over the course of this presidential election, candidates like Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg have censured Medicare-for-All and its subsequent costs. Buttigieg has even made it a point to directly call out Warren for her previous refusals to admit that Medicare-for-All would increase middle-class taxes.

No Free Lunches

At the end of the day, the revelation about job loss under a Medicare-for-All policy plan boils down to the ultimate truth: there are no free lunches in life.

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Everything comes with a cost. People have to realize that branding a proposal as “free” or simply saying that wealthy folks will pay for it isn’t accurate. For as much as progressives claim to be fighting for the working class, their own proposals are awfully threatening to this very group of people.

Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and every other Democrat who has intentionally misled Americans about Medicare-for-All ought to be ashamed of themselves.

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