Warnings of More Chaos in Chicago Emerge

The entire nation watched with horror last week as violent protesters descended upon the streets of Chicago. These weren’t people peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights.

Instead, they were setting fires, destroying property, and otherwise bringing physical destruction to the community. None of these actions are covered under the First Amendment. However, they do open the perpetrators up to legal consequences.

In Chicago, the city’s incoming mayor largely excused the riots, saying that the perpetrators’ young ages and supposed lack of opportunities should be taken into account.

Now, reports indicate that even more chaos is expected to emerge in Chicago, according to Fox32.

Another Riot in the Works

In the Windy City, Alderman Brian Hopkins warns social media was largely used as a preparation tool for the riots seen this past weekend. Hopkins also warns that according to some talk going around online, more riots are expected to emerge very soon.

Similar cautions have come from Alderman Ray Lopez as well. According to Lopez, it’s going to be extremely problematic if law enforcement in Chicago is ill-equipped to handle these sorts of violent demonstrations again.

The Chicago alderman also pointed out that during last week’s riots in the city, the police department showed a collapse in leadership. This is due to the department’s failure to form and execute a plan that would put a stop to this violence.

Elections Have Consequences

Chicago has consistently been under the control of the Democrat Party. The ultimate results of this are crime, chaos, and mass destruction.

Sadly, the Windy City is extremely blue, meaning that it’s unlikely to vote a Republican into office in the near future, if ever. This means Americans can continue to witness Chicago’s local crime rate skyrocket out of control.

At the end of this day, this is what the electorate in Chicago repeatedly votes for.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.