War Between Texas Governor and New York City Mayor Heats Up

New York and Texas couldn’t be more different. They’re both great American states, but they have decidedly unique histories and philosophies.

Politically, New York is a blue state. Despite some deep red areas, cities like New York City are highly progressive. Texas, meanwhile, is a red state. Despite some deep blue areas and cities like Austin, it tends to be highly conservative.

Now, New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Texas Governor Greg Abbott are engaged in quite a serious conflict. Here’s why…

Adams vs. Abbott Fight Gets Ugly

New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Texas Governor Greg Abbott are engaged in a battle about illegal immigration.

The basic conflict comes from this: Abbott has done his best to protect and fortify Texas against the human wave coming across his border.

In the face of Biden empowering the most despicable cartels and sex, drug, and human traffickers on the planet, Abbott took a stand. He’s even funding portions of a border wall.

Though he can’t do everything alone; he and all patriots are sick of the arrogant attitude of the Biden regime and the White House.

For this reason, Abbott began sending illegal immigrants on buses to Washington, DC a few months ago.

He also began giving them tickets to New York City. He figured they would find a welcoming home there among the supposedly kind-hearted progressives who care for them so much.

Instead, what Abbott found was far different: rage directed at him from progressives.

Adams Goes Berserk

Adams has taken point for the Democrats on this, launching into various self-righteous diatribes against Abbott and even calling his actions horrific.

It’s now gotten to the point that Adams says he will load thousands of New York residents onto buses and literally go to Texas to try to defeat Abbott and displace him as governor.

The governor’s response? “Bring it on.” Amen to that.

Abbott has literally sent less than a hundred illegal immigrants to New York; you can be sure that this is 100% political posturing from stuffed suit Adams.

The real point of this whole debacle is the ongoing Democratic obsession with trying to turn Texas blue and overrun its red roots. Though I have some bad news for Adams. It’s not going to happen!

Betting on Beto

Adams has even said he’s pulling whatever strings he can to get Democrat Beto O’Rourke elected in Texas. If he succeeds in that, Adams should become a professional magician, not a mayor.

The chance of O’Rourke winning Texas is about the same as Joe Biden reading a teleprompter without any mistakes or brain farts. It’s not going to happen.

The more the Democrats pretend to care about migrants and spew their false compassion, the more ordinary people will turn away from the fake and bloated party.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.