WaPo Editor Used Cancer-Stricken Alex Trebek in an Attack on Trump

As the left-wing’s Trump Derangement Syndrome continues to mount, Democrats are being more and more ridiculous with their desperate attempts to attack the president at any turn.
On Friday, Washington Post editor Drew Goins landed in hot water after politicizing the cancer struggle of TV host Alex Trebek for the sake of taking a shot at President Trump, as documented by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Reviewing Goins’ Remarks

Goins’ started off his commentary by bemoaning the apparent lack of truth which he believes exists in America. From this point, the Washington Post editor accused President Trump of making “8,158 false or misleading claims” within the first half of his presidency. Goins apparently saw it as appropriate to tie in his anti-Trump rhetoric with the plight which Trebek is working to overcome against stage four cancer.
In Goins’ own words:

“We arguably live in an anti-expertise world. Americans can’t tell opinion from fact. Truth has always been valuable, but its present scarcity makes it feel especially precious. So when Trebek announced Wednesday that he had been diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, which carries a particularly low survival rate, it felt like we were grieving the potential loss of more than an avuncular quiz-show host. The loss of Trebek means the loss of a zone where the truth is clear and uncontested.”

Feedback to Goins’ Remarks

The Washington Post editor rightfully engendered criticism for his remarks. Numerous observers urged him against politicizing Trebek’s cancer struggle. Others censured Goins for bringing his dislike of President Trump into the equation at all. In a nutshell, many Americans viewed what Goins said as inappropriate and uncalled for.
When the right-wing talks about Trump Derangement Syndrome, Goins is a prime example. This editor of the Washington Post couldn’t even acknowledge a man’s struggle with cancer without finding some way to make it about President Trump. In all honestly, Drew Goins ought to be ashamed of himself, but his conduct speaks volumes about where the Democrat Party stands today.
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