Walmart Says Bye-Bye to Major Leftist City

Uncontrolled crime comes with real consequences. It leads to innocent people being victimized and offenders feeling emboldened to do whatever they want with the threat of fewer consequences.

Time and time again, it’s been proven that measures which water down law enforcement only hurt communities. Defunding the police royally backfired and led to a major uptick in violence across communities.

Unfortunately, the communities experiencing this surge are predominantly left-wing. This is because the Democrat Party embraced reforms such as cutting down bail and slashing budgets for police departments.

In the case of Chicago, the crime rate is so terrible that several major Walmart locations are shutting up shop, per Fox Business.

Why Walmart is Leaving Chicago

In a nutshell, Walmart is bowing out of Chicago because it’s taking major losses as a business. It’s worth noting that Walmart executives claim the stores in Chicago have not been collectively profitable in nearly two decades.

On top of that, Walmart’s losses are ramping up, amid growing theft and other problems that Chicago has yet to get on top of. With that in mind, it’s just not worth it for Walmart to continue operating in Chicago and keep on hemorrhaging money.

It’s better off leaving the embattled left-wing state and moving to a different community where it has a better chance of turning a profit.

Part of a Larger Pattern

Unfortunately, what’s happening in Chicago is not an outlier. Other businesses are closing down in additional crime-ridden communities, such as San Francisco.

Companies outside of Walmart that have decided to cut their losses include CVS, Whole Foods, and Starbucks. Sadly, Democrats in power have not shown themselves to be taking crime seriously or working to make their communities more appealing to business owners.

For this reason, Americans can expect these left-wing cities to get worse and more dangerous.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.