VP Kamala Harris Pitches Insanely Racist Hurricane Ian Recovery Plan

Vice President Kamala Harris should win the Oscar for playing the role of the worst VP in US history.

Sadly, however, she’s not acting and this isn’t a movie. It’s real life; every day, she proves just how racially prejudiced and dimwitted she truly is.

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Harris showed her true self once again while speaking during a recent forum with famous Indian actress Priyanka Chopra.

What Did Harris Say This Time?

Speaking on Friday with Chopra, the subject of Hurricane Ian came up. Dozens are already confirmed dead in the massive storm which hit Florida earlier this week.

Commenting on the disaster, Harris said the first people to be assisted by the government  after damage caused by Ian’s passage will be those who belong to “communities of color.”

According to Harris, ensuring “equity” will be the focus of the government’s recovery plan.

In other words, if you have a pale skin tone and have been affected by the hurricane in Florida, you can look forward to being put last in federal government assistance efforts in rebuilding your life. Yes, that’s literally what she said.

In a normal society, it prioritizes always serving older people, people with special needs,  the pregnant, children, and disabled.

Whereas for Harris, the Biden team will consider racial identity first, doing what has to be done in favor of the fight for “equity.”

What is the Cult of ‘Equity?’

The cult of equity is basically forcing equality of outcomes, instead of equality of opportunity. It is a form of cultural Marxism intended to criticize people based on race and income, allowing big government globalism and green socialism to grow.

Thankfully, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ representative Christina Pushaw responded rapidly, saying Harris’ claim that aid will be based on color is not true.

Pushaw added Harris’s speech is unduly disturbing and everyone will get the help they need after Hurricane Ian, regardless of their race or background.

People like Harris seem to want to go back to a world in which folks are judged by the color of their skin tone, rather than respecting everyone as an individual.

Harris tried to grandstand her racist ideas, but she’s so full of it, she couldn’t even make sure what she is saying was true. At least, according to DeSantis, it’s not true.

The Bottom Line

Americans are ashamed to have Harris as vice president. Before you accuse us of being racists, that’s not because of her color, it’s because of her terrible leadership and stupidity.

When she’s not wandering off on nonsense speeches overseas, Harris is here in the US trying to divide the country further and piggyback off tragedies.

As I said at the beginning, she’s the worst VP in history and she can’t retire soon enough.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.